World History and International Relations

The King’s Body Guard of the Yeomen: Foot Ceremonial Guard of Charles II Stuart

The article shows the role and place of the yeomen of the guard institution in the Royal court and armed forces system during the reign of Charles II. Particular attention is drawn to the position of officers of the company at the Royal court.

Struggle for Power Among the English City Elite in the XIV– XV Centuries

In the article, the question of city self-management organization in the XIV–XV century England is considered. On the example of Bristol and York it is found out whether it is possible to speak about democratic principles of the city authorities’ election, who was a part of city elite and how it was formed.

The Tartar-Mongol Invasion and Urban Development in Central Europe

The article discusses the question of the Mongol invasion impact on the Central European countries (Poland, Bohemia and Hungary) urban development in the XIII century. It is concluded that the devastating consequences of the invasion accelerated the acceptation a new model of urban system in the Central European region, which was typologically akin to Western European urbanism.

The Northern Realm of Canute the Great in Historiography

The article analyzes the place of king Canute the Great’s (1016 – 1035 state in foreign and national historiography. Most of the works published today in different languages are considered. Until now, such work has not been published in Russian.

The Origin of the Arab-Muslim Embassy Service (VII Century)

The article discusses the problem connected with the emergence of the Arab-Muslim ambassadorial service. The special role of religious dogmas in the formation of the principles and approaches of Muslim diplomacy is noted. Also, specific historical cases are explored.

Chronology of Stone and Lead Anchor Stocks of the Ancient World

The article deals with the problem of typology and chronology of ancient wooden anchors with stone and lead stocks. The author notes the lack of elaboration of anchor chronology by previous researchers. Due to the fact that there are new findings, it is possible to extend previous ideas significantly. The chronology of the main types of anchor stocks, as well as their variants (subtypes) is substantiated.

On the Possibility and Prospects of Deciphering Monograms on the Anonymous Obols of the Bosporus Coinage

It is not for the first century that the study of numismatics of ancient Bosporus is continued. The result has been the description of many kinds of coins of this coinage. In their classification, scientists paid attention to both the image and the legend, including those ciphered in monograms. The subject of this study was the ligatures from anonymous obols of Bosporus coinage. The fact is that neither they nor their similarities have been deciphered yet. However, in these notations, the names Padr and Itro were recognized.

The Evolution of George H. W. Bush Administration's Egyptian Policy (1989-1992)

The article considers the policy of George H. W. Bush Republican administration towards Egypt. The author analyzes the background, factors of formation, evolution and results of the U.S. Egyptian policy during the period under review.

F. Franco. Prevarication (1943–1945)

The article deals with the foreign policy of Spain in the period of the Second World War. The author analyses the search of a special political way, which allowed Francisco Franco to prevent the participation in the war, retain the power and preserve the relative stability in the country. Special attention is paid to the development of relations between Francoist Spain with Germany, Italy, USA and Great Britain.

The National Afro-American League: At the Dawn of the Black Protest Movement in the USA (1887–1894)

The article is devoted to the analysis of the creation and activities of the National Afro-American League – the first black protest organization established under the leadership of the black journalist Timothy Thomas Fortune. The main goal of this organization was the struggle against the legislative oppression of the African Americans, as well as the achievement of equal human rights and freedoms regardless of the color of skin.