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Всеобщая история и международные отношения

The Battle of Midway in the Estimates of the U. S. Press June 4–6, 1942

In article of an estimation of press of the USA of Battle of Midway are analyzed. Specificity this opinions is revealed. Sources of formation of opinions and estimations are considered.

The Ideological and Political Basis of Cooperation and Confrontation Political Forces during the Sanacja Regime in Poland

Article is devoted to policy ideas that were base for cooperation and confrontation between political forces in Poland during the sanacja regime (1926–1939). Identified ideas that could sat-licking certain political forces or lead to their rivalry.

From the History of Creation and Activity of the University of the Chinese Workers in Moscow (1925–1930)

The article is devoted to the history of creation and activity, and also distinctive features of the University for Workers of China, existing in Moscow in 1925–1930. The political, social, educational, age structure of its students is analyzed. The wide range of the sources is involved, some archival materials are introduced in a scientific turn for the first time.

To a Question of Formation of the Case of War Correspondents in Russian-Turkish War 1877–1878

In article process of formation of the case of military men correspondents in East crisis of the middle of 70th of XIX-century is considered sights of Russian correspondents at the reasons and a course of Russian–Turkish war 1877–1878 as parallels in history between Russia and Balkan States are spent Understand.

The Portrayal and Place of Eastern City in the Papers of English Travelers, Late 16 – Early 17 Centuries

In the present papers there is analysis of different views presented in the English travel writings. The purpose was to show what early modern English perceptions of ‘Eastern’ cities and their inhabitants as ‘another’ culture were. The author analyzes the constants making an image of east Eastern city, and reveals the mechanism of designing of ‘another’ space by the English travellers. In the article the common and specific things in their perception of different countries is emphasized.

The Native Historiography of Medieval Moravian Cities Development: The History and the Prospects of Studying

The article describes the tradition of studying Moravian cities in native Slavonic studies and concludes the necessity of further researching this issue.

The problem of the relationship between the government and Shiite Ulama in Iraq under Saddam Hussein (1970–1980s)

The article attempts to analyze the specifics of the position of the Shiite clergy in Iraq, associated with the traditional Islamic worldview of Shiites, who traditionally occupied a subordinate position in the Sunni political hierarchy. The article focuses on the period of the formation and strengthening of Saddam Hussein’s sole power, when he took the initiative to appease Shiites and Ulama, combining the policy of “carrot and stick”, considering Shiites as a potential threat to his secular power.

European integration as a factor in the process of the Montenegrin state-building

The article deals with the peculiarities of the development of the Montenegrin state-building and Montenegro’s prospects for the European integration after the referendum in 2006. In the wake of the demise of the SFRY and the occurrence of new sovereign states, the Western Balkans became a sphere of interest to the European Union. The author concludes that the European integration and the EU accession process commenced to turn into a major foreign policy goal.

The structure of the Central Treaty Organization and its comparison with other military-political blocs

Created in 1955, the military-political bloc in the Near and Middle East, called the Central Treaty Organization (SENTO), had a pronounced pro-Western and anti-Soviet character. This article examines the organizational structure of the bloc, other regional military-political organizations created by Western countries in the 40s and 50s of the XX century.

Russian theme in the perception of H. Walpol

The problem of intercultural dialogue and the formation of the image of the “other” in a certain cultural tradition is being actively developed in modern historiography at different levels. When writing this article, the level of personal perception by the representative of the English Enlightenment of the carriers of the Russian cultural tradition was chosen. Horace Walpole gained fame in various areas of cultural life. The article analyzes Walpole’s perception of the Russian theme, examines how in this case the personal corresponds to the national tradition.