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Impeachment against Clarendon and its significance for political life of the Age of Restoration

In the 1667 former Lord Chancellor Edward Hyde, earl of Clarendon was impeached by the House of Commons. Having carefully analyzed the text of the blame the author comes to conclusion that the charge was fabricated and pursued two main aims: firstly, it was directed to destroy a reputation of Clarendon and thereby negate his influence in the House of Lords, secondly, it was directed to blamed him for mistakes of the government and so legitimated the current power.

About a position of leaders of the USA on oil cooperation with Saudi Arabia in 1943

The article examines approaches of the American authorities to questions of providing the state with a strategic raw material – oil, in the specific conditions of World War II. This evidence revealed  the different approaches of the heads of ministries and departments to Saudi Arabia. The author reveals the role of U.S. business to strengthen political and economic cooperation with the oil emirate. This article demonstrates that a thorough analysis of documents opens up new possibilities for the study of US-Saudi relations in the abovementioned period.

Turkey, Iran, USA and the Iraq Crisis of 2003 year

In article are analyzed the specificity of relations between Turkey, Iran and the USA on the eve, during Iraq war and after. Thus the author gives the big attention to consideration of turkish and Iranian tools of crisis reaction to address of this conflict, and also touches a kurdish question which aggravation was direct investigation of the american intervention.

The Struggle of the «Old» and «New» Patricians in London in the Last Quarter of the 14th Century

The article is devoted to the struggle of the «old» and «new» patricians in London at the end of the 14thcentury. At that time the guild masters, led by the traders of textile goods, opposed the oligarchic merchant regime ofvictualing guilds. In 1381‑1383 the democratic opposition gained the upper hand, and their leader –a draper John Northampton ‑ became mayor of the capital. He organized socio-economic and political reforms in the interests of wide layers of the population.

The Thracians as the subjects of the Achaemenids according to Per-sian sources

In this work to the study of Thraco-Persian relations at the turn of the VI-–V centuries BC involved originating from Persepolis household archives of time of Darius I. The article analyzes the Persian ethnic name Skudra and the possibility of its application to peoples European Thrace, part of which was conquered by Darius during the Scythian campaign. Then provides specific information about the Thracian workers contained in the Persepolis fortification archive, and analyzes the legal status of them in the Royal household.

The Narrative Sources of Philostorgius’ “Church History” (Hist. eccl. I) in Photius’ Abridgment

This article is devoted to the problem of the narrative sources used in Philostorgius’ “Church History”. The Greek historian of the Fifth Century had cited not only the texts of the Holy Scriptures and works of church historians, but also writings of panegyrists and pagan authors of the Late Antiquity.

Medieval Icelandic Commonwealth in the modern libertarian discourse

The current article is an attempt of analysis of the image of medieval Icelandic society in the modern libertarian literature. The main aim is to emphasize the main positions of libertarian political philosophy on the subject of Icelandic commonwealth and observe the methodology of libertarian authors, as well as find out what place Medieval Iceland takes in libertarian discourse.

Citizen and Florentine commune: two polar positions in historiography in the first of a half of the xv century

In this article explored two trends of historiography Florence in the first of a half of the XV century: apologetic chronicles on example of the "History of Florence" Gregorio Dati and critical direction in the historical works of Giovanni Cavalcanti. In work shows relation features of narrative of chronicles with the author's experiences of their social status and personal identity.

Francisk Skorina in Prague (1517-1519)

The article deals with the period of the Prague publication activities Belarusian enlightener Francisk Skorina. The author reveals the reasons for his stay in Prague, the location of its printing house, quantity editions in Cyrillic font printed Belarusian enlightener.

Climatic anomalies in England second half XVII centuries

Article is devoted consideration of influence of adverse weather conditions on the various parties of ability to live of people in England second half XVII centuries. On a material of diary records of contemporaries display of "the Small glacial age» in late Stewarts, influence of climatic anomalies on a life, an economic activities, health of Englishmen is traced.