World History and International Relations

RPR-PARNAS and the Syrian crisis

The article continues the cycle of publications devoted to views on foreign policy of the Russian opposition. This time it will be about one of the most notable Russian right-wing liberal parties RPR-PARNAS. The article analyzes the vision this part of the opposition liberals the main causes, major events and the most probable perspectives of the civil war, ongoing since 2011 in Syria. A special place is given to their estimates of Russia's role in the Syrian crisis.

The external contour of the EAEU: the potential for enlargement and the search for optimal mechanisms of interaction

In the context of the global economic crisis, general geopolitical instability – only a deepening economic partnership is able to stabilize and speed up the development of the countries of the Eurasian space. The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has successfully passed the stage of development as international and regional organization, has gained international legal personality and at this stage the most urgent task is the development of cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union and third countries and integration associations.

The first stage of NATO’s regional strategy elaboration in the context of geopolitical changes in the first half of 1990s.

The article examines the first stage of NATO’s regional strategy elaboration in 1990–1995 in the context of fundamental changes of geopolitical situation in the world. General analysis of methods, which NATO used to reformat strategically significant regions is carried out. Special attention is paid to a  study of subjects, which connected with the process of NATO’s partnership programs ‘creation, the Alliance’s globalization, shaping of specific « Balkan » model of organization’s regional strategy.

John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement

John Henry Newman is one of the central figures in spiritual life of England of the XIX century. The author considers the development of his religious views up to the conversion to Catholicism in 1845.

British Eastern Policy: from the Carlowitz Congress to the Beginning of the French Revolution

The article describes the peculiarities of British policy in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East during 1699–1791, within the context of the diplomatic confrontation in Europe and the defense of British possessions in India.

Torquato Tasso: mad poet image in the interpretations of romanticists

Italian poet of the Renaissance epoch in Europe cultural memory entrenched as pattern model of mad poet. This image was particularly relevant for Romantics. In the literature late XVIII and early XIX cent. image of Torquato Tasso tas gotten a new life and new interpretations. Fate and image of Tasso in the  Goethe's works as well as Shelley's them, and other writers of this period works used as a plot, which is convenient for reasoning about the nature of creativity, the creativity-madness relationship.

Main directions of propaganda Gaius Julius Caesar

Article explores the question of the directions of propagation Gaius Julius Caesar. The author concludes that the Caesar's political propaganda, nominated more numerous, more powerful and meaningful slogans has helped defeat Pompey and his supporters in 49–45 years. BC.

Magistrate Kλειτοσ place in the stamping system of the ceramic tare of Thasos

The article clarifies the chronology of amphora stamps of the magistrate Κλεῖτος, who was in charge of ceramic production on the Thasos. Previously it was thought that this official belongs to the «late» Thasos magistrates and is dated within 30‑20s of the IV century BC. Meanwhile, the collection of archaeological complexes, given in this paper demonstrates that Κλεῖτος belongs to the «early» magistrates and should be dated no later than the 50s of the IV century BC.

Reconciliation of the Soviet-Britain Policy towards Iran: first Steps, July of 1941

В статье рассматриваются первые шаги СССР и Великобритании,
предпринятые в июле 1941 г. по выработке их дипломатическими
службами согласованной позиции в отношении Тегерана. Пока-
зано, что в связи с неприемлемым для них немецким влиянием
в Иране Москва и Лондон предприняли несколько политических
демаршей и, в конечном счете, были вынуждены начать прора-
ботку вопроса о вводе своих войск в эту страну.

Innovative human capital in the global economy

The article deals with innovative human capital as a factor of the formation of the modern model of economic development – the model of "open innovations." A distinctive feature of the innovative model of national economies development is significant mobility of highly qualified specialists, which led to the formation of a new type of human capital and the establishment of knowledge economy.