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Всеобщая история и международные отношения

The Ankersmit’s Sublime Experience as a New Basis of Philosophic Anthropology

In this article a new angle gets on the Ankersmit’s ontological theory of sublime historical experience. The conclusion: this theory gives an opportunity for more existentially significant perception of the “gap” experience between the mentality of the man of Ancient world and Modern history. This experience can be taken as a principle for the creation of a new alternative of philosophical anthropology proved historically.

Scipio Africanus and the Title imperator in Politics of the Roman Republic

The study is devoted to the transformation of the concept imperator in the Roman Republic and shows the role of the outstanding general Scipio Africanus in the appearance of the title imperator, as well as it analyses the influence of the Scipionic image on perception of the Roman politicians in the Late Republic.

The Role of Public Schools in Social and Political Life of Victorian England: Eton College

The article deals with the role of public schools in the English educational system of the XIX century. Eton College is one of the largest and highest in prestige public school in England, it was founded by Henry VI in 1441. Many outstanding English statesmen were educated in Eton College. The atmosphere of this elite school is important to understanding the nature of English leadership and consequently the character of English life. The author examines the influence of Eton College on training the British political elite.

The Image of Hussite ́ s Epoch in Satirical Story by S. Czech «New Journey by Mister Brouchek in XV Century»

The article describe the image of Hussite ́ s epoch, which reflect in story by the writer S. Czech. The author discover a spot of this epoch in historical memory of Czech people.

The Ishams’ Family Corporation in London’s Business World in the Second Half of the XVI Century

The article is devoted to one of the most important aspects in England’s history of the second half of the XVI century, in particular, the transformation of the English economy at the beginning of the early Modern Times. The issues of formation and structure of the Ishams’ family corporation which was set up and functioned within the company of the Merchant Adventurers as well as peculiarities of their trade are examined basing on the analysis of «Two Account Books of John Isham».

Erich von Falkenhayn: features of the biography

The article is devoted to basic stages of Erich von Falkenhayn’s (1861–1922) biography, who was the head of German armed forces in 1914–1916. Analyzing on the basis of different sources style of making decisions, his relations with competitors from the military elite, finally replaced him on a post of head of OHL, author dismisses some popular historiography’s myths, comes to conclusion about an injustice of in an estimation both most Falkenhayn, and strategy he preferred.

Spain and the Spaniards through the eyes of the Extraordinary British Ambassador Samuel Hoare (1940–1944)

Based on the materials of the memoirs of the participants of the events and the business correspondence of the embassy with the British government, the image of the Spanish people in the representations of the British ambassador to Spain – Samuel Hoare, who held the post from 1940 to 1944, is considered. The Spanish Civil War of 1936–1939 led to a crisis in many spheres of society. The author comes to the conclusion that the conflict within the state has led to a deep cultural split in Spanish society.

Architects of New Masonry in England (1646–1723)

The article is devoted to topical issues of the Masonic movement in England at the turn of the 17th–18th centuries. Particular attention is paid to the development of the New Masonry in England. The author analyzes the most pressing issues of the transformation of the national Masonic organization. The activities and views of the organizers of the New Masonry are considered.

Hannah More on the significance of charity for the rich and the poor

The article examines one of the facets of the industrial revolution process associated with shifts in the social structure of society and changes in behavioral practices. The main attention is focused on the analysis of the views of the writer, philanthropist and teacher H. Morе. In her writings, H. More tried to contribute to strengthening social stability in society by educating “true ladies”, on the one hand, and educating obedient poor, on the other hand. 

Giovanni Aguto – condottiere in the service of the Italian states

The article discussesthemilitary career ofthe Englishman Giovanni Aguto, amercenary captain who servedthe Italian city-states of Italy and the Papal States for a long time. Based on the material of the Florentine chronicles the brothers Giovanni and Matteo Vilanni, Marchione Stefani, information reported by anonymous authors, the path from an ordinary mercenary to a famous condottiere and honorary citizen of Florence is shown.