World History and International Relations

The Modern Stage of the History of Inter-Regional Russian-Chinese Cooperation in the Conditions of Regionalization

The article is devoted to the analysis of modern processes of interregional cooperation in the Far East in the context of regionalization. The analysis was based on Russian-Chinese interregional interaction. Based on the theory of new regionalism, the contemporary role of regions in the 21st century was determined. The Russian foreign policy strategy “Turn to the East”, outlined in 2014, has established new prospects for interaction between Russian and Chinese regions in the Far East.

Domestic Regions and Nation-States: Cooperation or Rivalry?

The article is devoted to international aspects of interaction between domestic regions and national states. In the course of the research the author considers a number of foreign models of interaction between the state and domestic regions, compares them with the Russian experience, shows the negative impact of globalization process both on nation-states and domestic regions. The aim of the article is to show how the model of interaction between the state and regions is changing under the influence of external factors. 

Iran and the «Arab Peace Initiative» on Syria

Based on Iranian and Arabian sources, the article analyzes the formation of the «Arab peace initiative» on Syria, which was supposed to put an end to the 2011 Syrian crisis by regional states. The participation of Iran, the closest ally of Syria in the Middle East region, its reaction and the evolution of the approach to the «Arab initiative» as it is being implemented, is examined.

The Image of Austria in Russian Public Opinion in the XIX – Early XX Century

The article examines the process of forming the image of Austria in Russian public opinion in the 19th – early 20th century. The author pays main attention to the influence that public opinion had during this period on the development of Russian-Austrian relations. The author concludes that the negative image of Austria formed in public opinion had a significant impact on the development of the Russian government’s foreign policy, hindered the search for compromises and pushed for confrontation.

N. V. Orloff and the Beginning of Teaching of the Russian Language at King’s College London

The article restores the biography of N. V. Orloff (1844–1915), a psalmist of the Church in the name of the Assumption of the Mother of God at the Russian Embassy in London, which, in addition to his official duties and translation activities, was involved in the process of establishing Russian studies in Great Britain in the late XIXth – early XXth centuries.

From Humphrey Llwyd to Iolo Morganwg: Main Stages of Development of Antiquarian Tradition of Wales in the XVI – Mid XIX Century

This article is devoted to the analysis of antiquarian tradition of Wales in the XVI – mid-XIX century. The author highlights the basic stages and reasons for the development of Welsh antiquarianism, and also on the example of the works of a number of Welsh antiquaries gives an assessment of their contribution to the study of the past of the western Celtic region of Britain.

Charity in London under the Tudors: Gender Perspective

The article examines a charity in London at the end of the 15th–16th Centuries based on the material of the wills of merchants and artisans and their widows. The directions of the citizens‘s charity are identified: Church, social, cultural and educational, and specific forms of their manifestation are characterized from a gender perspective. The author shows that deep social changes and Reformation processes in Tudor England also caused serious transformations of spiritual, religious and moral values of people of that time, which was reflected in the charitable activities of Londoners. 

H. Walpole’s “Historic Doubts” in his Characterization of Richard III

Статья посвящена анализу сочинения Х. Уолпола «Исторические сомнения относительно жизни и правления короля Ричарда Третьего». Предпринята попытка пересмотра и реабилитации английского короля Ричарда III. Историк-любитель, знаток политических тонкостей Х. Уолпол постарался установить связь между формированием образа Ричарда III и политической обстановкой, сложившейся в стране после его смерти. Работа Х.

Georgia in the Turkish «Soft Power» Policy Context on the Cusp of Centuries

The article discusses the «Soft Power» policy of Turkey towards Georgia on the cusp of the 20th and 21st centuries. The author analyzes the main tools and forms of this policy implementation in the humanitarian sphere, outlines its terms and historical context. The study draws conclusions concerning the cooperation nature and prospects for Turkish «Soft Power» applying in Georgia.

B. Obama’s «Fragile Consensus» and the Future of the New START Treaty

The article is devoted to the study of the most probable variants of developments around the New START Treaty, through which various groups of the American ruling elite are trying to achieve their global strategic goals. Special attention is paid to the study of the factor of inter-party interaction, which predetermined the achievement of a «fragile consensus» between the Republican and Democratic parties on the issue of complementarity of the program of modernization of nuclear triad and arms control process.