Regional History and Local Studies

Город Коротояк во время восстания Степана Разина в 1670–1671 годы

В статье рассмотрен один из самых примечательных эпизодов истории построенного на Дону города Коротояка во второй половине XVII в. Этим переломным моментом стали подготовка и успешное отражение правительственными силами пришедших к городу отрядов Степана Разина, которым был дан бой 27 сентября 1670 г. После этого восставшими была предпринята попытка захвата города путем склонения на свою сторону местных жителей, но она так и не была реализована. Также подробно анализируются факторы, которые содействовали успеху коротоякского воеводы Михаила Федоровича Ознобишина в борьбе с восставшими.

Old-believers’ Regional Tradition: the Similarities and the Differences (the History of Old-believers’ Communities in the Saratov Region)

The article is dedicated to the issue of the unity of old-believers’ tradition analyzed in the case study of the communities of various branches existing in the Saratov region in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

The Armenians in the Ethnic Area of the Lower Volga Region

The article discusses various aspects of historical and contemporary geodemographic dynamics of the Armenian population of the Lower Volga region. The author examines the migration history of the Armenians in the region, their number and sex-age composition, as well as the role of ethnic processes in changing the composition of the Saratov region population.

The Role of the Mozdok Congress of the Terek Peoples in Establishing a Political Union between Ingushetia and the Bolsheviks

The article is devoted to the analysis of the prerequisites, the main driving forces, the results and consequences of the actions of the Bolshevik faction led by S. M. Kirov at the Mozdok congress of the Terek peoples in January 1918. The article points out that this forum was the first experience of cooperation between the Bolsheviks and the Ingush in the political sphere. At the end of 1917 Terek was engulfed in the internecine war, which Ingushetia was drawn into, and which could be turned into a tool for the extermination of entire «undesired» peoples in the region.

The Study of Saratov Volga Region’s History in the First Half of the XIX Century

The historical study of Russian regions in the 1810s – 1850s was connected with the general development of the historiographic process. Conceptual shift of philosophy concerning social life of society resulted in increased interest in local history. Early studies of Saratov Volga region’s history were assisted by the provincial administration and the episcopal cathedra.

Recruited Servicemen (Streltsy, Cannoneers, Gatesmen) in the Left-bank Saratov

The article deals with the unknown pages of the left-bank Saratov (1616–1674). Special attention is paid to recruited servicemen (mainly streltsy) and their role in the city life. For the first time, the list of many those who served in the city during the third half of the XVII century and their main activities are presented.

Personnel Structure of Broadcasting in Udmurtia during the Great Patriotic War

In the article, the state and development of broadcasting in Udmurtia in the period of the Great Patriotic War is analyzed. Special attention is paid to personnel structure of the Udmurt ASSR broadcasting in the years of war. Large-scale work on expansion of local broadcasting activity is explained by the attention the Central Committee of the All- Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) paid to broadcasting as one of the most important means of ideological and political education and propaganda of workers.

Rifle Сorps in Saratov

The article is devoted to the rifle corps of the Red Army, whose headquarters were established in Saratov.

The Activity of Authorized Council of the Russian Orthodox Church affairs in the Multicultural National Region: Characteristics and Problems (Dagestan ASSR as an Example)

In the present article, the author’s attention is focused on the activities of the regional authorized agents of the Council for Russian Orthodox Church in the Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the postwar period. There are the basic complexes of problems faced by the authorized agents in the multinational region at that time. Among them are processes associated with renovation churches in the republic and issues related to the registration of the Orthodox churches.

«A Petition Submitted for Being Attached among Commoners» (War Prisoners of the Great Army in the Towns of the Saratov Province)

The article is devoted to the fate of the war prisoners of Napoleon’s Great army, who settled in the towns of the Saratov province. Their number, conditions of reception and accommodation are considered, as well as the features of this wave of emigration and its impact on the local community.