Russian History


Статья посвящена анализу публицистических произведений К. Д. Кавелина, в которых отражены его этико-философские и эстетические взгляды. На примере взглядов Кавелина подчеркивается значение дискуссий о нравственности, религии и искусстве в контексте интеллектуальной жизни образованного общества в эпоху Великих реформ.


В статье рассмотрены неизвестные страницы истории Великих Лук в один из самых драматических периодов истории России начала XVII в. Особое внимание уделено судьбе жителей этого города. Многие служилые люди Великих Лук сначала сражались на стороне польского короля Сигизмунда, а потом присягнули Михаилу Романову

On the verge of the survival: youth in conditions social and economic crisis of the 1930th.

In article the vital world of the young man through a prism of a food allowance, medical care, child mortality and social policy of the state is considered. The special attention is paid to studying of current situation in the country in the conditions of crisis of supply of 1939-1941. For deeper understanding of sociocultural processes of the 1930th the phenomenon of the young man taking into account his mental and behavioural characteristics is considered

USSR in 1930: "The fight against German nationalism"

The author explores the political and ideological campaign "The fight against German nationalism" which was a consequence of the partial withdrawal of the Stalinist leadership of the country from the concept of world revolution, the approval of the course to build and possibly the continued existence of socialism in one country.

Russian history textbooks in evaluations of the "Journal of the Ministry of national education" (end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries)

The problem of school textbooks on history is very controversial for the modern Russian society and specialists. Many questions on the quality, structure and content of published textbooks arose at the turn of XIX – XX centuries. In the article reflected the ambiguous process of creating history textbooks in that period by analysing the reviews on them, published in the "Journal of the Ministry of national education".

The Microdemography Analysis of Peasant Morality in Oryol Village at the Beginning of ХХ Century

The article is devoted to the study of level and reasons of mortality in peasant environment of the Oryol province on microdemography level. Based lie with statistics registers of births settlements Oryol province, kept in the State archive of Oryol region. For the study Bolhov typical localities, and Kromsk and Livensk counties of Oryol province were taken.The study of peasantry mortality is important for the study of historical and geographical differences between large regions of Russia. 

Land use rationalization in estates of the Tambov gentry Davydovs at the end of the XVIII – the beginning of the XX century

The paper is devoted to the famous of the Tambov noble family of Davydovs. The author is studied actions for rationalization of land use in estates of gentry Davydovs at the end of the XVIII – the beginning of the XX century.

The formation and development of environmental policy of the russian state

This article discusses the process of formation and development of environmental legislation, management conservation and environmental policy of the Russian state. Special attention is paid to the evolution of environmental legislation, the emergence and development of the first state agencies involved in the organization of forest management and afforestation.

The Ukrainization policy of the Stavropol territory in the 1920-1930s. Plans, implementa-tion, results

This article is devoted to the problem of the Soviet Ukrainization of the Stavropol territory in the 1920s and early 1930s. The author explains the plans, peculiarities, implementation, results and consequences of this policy in the Non-Cossack region of the North Caucasus.

Russian periodicals on the humanitarian crisis in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War

The article, based on Russian periodic press, deals with the tragic fate of the Armenian people who were subjected to deportation and genocide during the First World War, The author analyzes the causes and stages of the genocide, reveals the mechanism of the Armenian population’s destruction.