Regional History and Local Studies

PROFESSOR FRANZ BALLOD (To the 95th anniversary of Saratov University first archaeological expedition)

The paper deals with scientific, pedagogical and museum activities of F.V. Ballod who was a professor at Saratov State University for nearly five years (1918–1923). The paper is dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the first archaeological expedition organized and accomplished by  Saratov State University in June 1919 at the Uvek settlement. The expedition was led by professor Ballod.

Crown Prince Alexander Nikolayevich’s Visit to Saratov in 1837 in the Context of Cultural Communications Between the Capital and Provincial Cities of Russia

The 19th century saw the royalty’s travel around Russia as part of Crown Prince preparation to the Emperor’s functions. In 1837, Crown Prince Alexander Nikolayevich came to Saratov during his travel across the country. Crown Prince and his retinue met with the local establishment: gentry, officials and officers. Seeing the future Emperor was a very important event for Saratov gentry. The Crown Prince voyage promoted cultural ties between the capital and provincial cities of Russia.

Theoretical Training of Senior Executives of the Lower Volga Region in the First Years of Post-War Period

The article analyzes the changes in the system of training and retraining of senior executives of the Lower Volga Region in the first years of post-war period, which improved the quality of governance of state and economic bodies and also allowed to avoid dissent in the party and society.

Assistance from Podillya to the victims of starvation in 1921–1923 in Povolzhie

The article is focusing on Soviet authority measures on establishing of the committees’ network on assistance to the victims of starvation in 1921-1923 on Podillya. There is analyzed propaganda and organizational activity of on mobilization of people for collecting of products and money. The article investigates practice of introduction and penalties of “hungry” rations from unemployed population in cities and small cities, reaction of their citizens and authority’s actions. 

Social context of modernization processes in Saratov Volga in the late XIX – early XX centuries

The article discusses the social component of the modernization process in the Saratov Volga in the late XIX – early XX centuries within the bourgeois and socialist development model. The author analyzes the social structure of urban society, change of mentality and behavior of people, defines the "human side" of modernization

Secret Police Control over Regional Bureaucracy: the Practices of Kazan Province 1826–1861 s.

Article examines the powerful mechanism of self-regulation in the Russian Empire 1826–1860-ies. The object of study is the information potential materials gendarmerie correspondence. His analysis allowed us to trace part of the gendarmerie headquarters staff officers of the problem of the provincial bureaucracy.

«New Saratov Chronicle» about the events of 1616–1641 years in the Saratov

The article describes the unknown pages of history of Saratov all over a quarter century, since the restoration of the city at the end of the Time of Troubles on the left bank of the Volga. First a detailed chronology of all of the currently known events that took place in this city for years 1616-1641 is presented, and characteristic of "Saratov Chronicle" made up 120 years ago, and indicate the main sources on the history of this period of Saratov

Kalmaks of Desht-i-Kipchak (to the problem tyurkization and the islamiza-tion of mongolians in the gold horde)

It is now believed that the name «Kalmyks» was concerned with Oyrats who came to the territory of Kazakhstan in the early 17th century. Russian and Western European documents write about Kalmaks since the fifteenth century. New data show that in Russia they knew about Kalmaks from personal contacts with them. The name “Kalmak” existed and was often used in Russia in the XVI century. West European travellers and geographers Jenkinson (1558), A.Vid (1537), S. Gerbersteen (1526), M. Mekhovskiy (1521), Fra-Mauro (1459), A. Contarini (1475) etc.

Changes in the structure of the population of the Saratov Volga region during the Great World War (1941–1945)

In article there are considered quantitative and qualitative changes in the structure of the population of the Saratov Volga region in 1941–1945 years. They were caused by the migration processes (military and labor mobilization, deportation of Germans, evacuation, resettlement), and factors of natural movement.

The Manuscript Heritage by the Bishop of Saratov and Tsaritsin Eparchy Jacob (Vecherkov) in the Russian Archives

The article gives the review of the manuscript heritage by the bishop of the Saratov and Tsaritsin eparchy Jacob (Vecherkov) which are kept in some Russian central and regional archives. The criticism of his scientific works and letters is undertaken. The future of investigations of his heritage, church, social and scientific activities is demonstrated.