Regional History and Local Studies


The article describes the unknown pages of the early history of Saratov. First names of some of the voivodes of the city are given


The given article focuses on the visit of a Crimean tsrevich Murad Geray in the autumn 1586 to Astrakhan, organized by Moscow authorities. It was the time when Murad Geray had to come in Russia in because of another dynastic conflict. The author also engages the issue, how this event was used by the Moscovites for the sake of their foreign-policy objectives regarding their empowerment at North Caucasus and fight against Crimean invasions.


The paper deals with the history of studying and interpreting the monuments of the Late bronze Age in the Lower Volga region. Viewpoints of various archeologists are analyzed concerning the archeological objects of crucial importance for modeling the timber-grave cultural-historical area.

Health’s protection of the industrial workers in Saratov region in 1953–1985 years

In this article the main state directions of medical care on the industrial factories of Saratov region in period of Khushchev’s and Brezhev’s reforms. Materials on the data of the archives, periodical press and memoirs

The trial of the first political demonstration in Saratov

The article investigates a loud trial of the first in Saratov political street demonstration of the May 6, 1902 - the nature, characteristics (political, legal, moral) and significance of demonstration and trial of the demonstrators

Russian government policy in Kalmykia in the second half XIX – early XX century

The author considers the trustee system of Kalmykia management that was formed since the mid XIX century. It was a reflection of the Government's policy that was directed to replace national authorities by unified empire-wide authority and control. It is concluded that the produced then in the second half of the XIX – early XX century transformation isn’t the radical reconstruction and was the continuation and development of state traditions  in the non-Russian management.   

Voivode Stepan Vasil’evich Chemesov – Saratov fortress builder (1630–1631)

In the article are the unknown aspects of the left bank of Saratov associated with being in this city voivode Stepan Vasil’evich Chemesov and building of a new fortress. First is a detailed biography of this figure of the Time of Troubles, which participated in the Volok’s defense from the Poles, in the fighting near Tikhvin and Putivl. Author traces the further destiny of this man, who in 1630 led the building of a new Saratov fortress

A new document about the protohistory of the city of Samara

The article covers the analysis of a document dedicated to protohistory of the city of Samara. It is an attempt to identify a before unnamed Siberian tsarevna and her son as mentioned in the source. The author tries to take a fresh look at the matrimonial policy of Khan Kuchum as well as some events of the Time of Trouble