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Church and Political Activities of Rostov Bishop Kirill after the Mongol Invasion

The article examines the activitity of Rostov Bishop Kirill, who headed the church administration in the North-Eastern Russia after the Mongol invasion. The key focus is on the bishop’s policy towards the Golden Horde and his relationship with Alexander Nevsky.

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire and the First and Second State Dumas: Interaction in the Legislative Sphere

The article is devoted to the relations between the Russian government and the State Duma of the first and second convocation. The process of drafting bills by the Ministry of Finance and their fate in the legislative institution is under consideration.

Visual Images of War in the Works of V. D. Polenov

The article is devoted to the perception of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877–1878 by artists. Analyzing the visual images of war in the works of V. D. Polenov, the author considers the historical and cultural context of their formation and evolution. The article reveals the influence of public opinion, the contradiction of artistic trends, changes in the activity of the press. The author makes an attempt to determine the features of V. D. Polenov’s artistic understanding of the war in the Balkans and the peculiarity of his position among other artists.

Social Development Strategy in the Soviet Union in the Second Half of the 1950s – the Middle of the 1980s: Stages of Policy-making and Implementation Mechanisms

The article analyzes the policy-making process and implementation mechanisms of the social development strategy of the Soviet Union in 1953–1985. It claims that the main ideological components of the Soviet strategy of social development during the period concerned were fully established after the XXII Congress of the Communist Party, and show which role the institutions of the Communist party played in the policy-making and realization of the Soviet social development strategy.

French Rossika in the Middle of the XVIII Century

The article gives an overview of the reports, notes and memoires about Russia written by the French diplomats of the mid-eighteenth century – Marquis de La Chétardie, Count d’Allion, Chevalier d’Éon, Marquis de L’Hôpital, de la Messelière, Favier. «Secret anecdotes about the court of the Empress of All-Russia» by d’Éon are introduced for a scientific consideration. The author notes the peculiarities of each work and at the same time highlights the common features that characterize the views of French diplomats about Russia at the time of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna.

Lifetime Portraits of Elizaveta Petrovna as a source of Visual Image of Power and Reign of the Empress

The article considers lifetime portraits of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, painted by artists that worked in Russia in the middle of the 18th century. The author attempted to identify the place of the portrayal genre in representation of the image of the Russian Empress and to show that a portrait as a genre of fine art created in a certain historical period can be a visual source for studying a statesman, and can also supplement existing documentary evidence of an era.

Peace treaties and the Problem of International security: the Concept of n. V. Charykov

The article analyzes the views and diplomatic practices of the Russian statesman and scholar N. V. Charykov aimed at solving the problem of creating a system of international security. The formation of Charykov’s views and their development is traced. The most important aspect of his reasoning was consideration of the evolution of the status of peace treaties from ‘eternal’ to ‘relative’ as an important condition for excluding the military way of solving international problems.

The Ideas about Russian-turkish Rapprochement in the Views and Correspondence between I. Gasprinskiy and M. O. Menshikov

In the present paper we analyze the correspondence in 1908 between two prominent Russian publicists at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries Ismail Gasprinsky and Mikhail Menshikov in the context of intensification of the military and political crisis in Europe and the unresolved «Eastern question». Furthermore, we compare their views on the necessity to form a Russian-Turkish political union.

Soviet-American Contacts in the Military sphere in Conditions of Diplomatic non-recognition

In the article on some characteristic examples the theory and practice of modernization and improvement of the defense industry of the USSR using the experience of the USA in 1920s containing a number of decisions and actions are considered. The analysis of actions of the firm «Amtorg» which for many years, while the USA did not recognize the USSR, was an Embassy, a trade mission and a commercial enterprise is carried out. The author characterizes the barriers to the establishment of Soviet-American diplomatic relations.

Латышки Василия Ржевского. Опыт комментирования одного завещания

Статья посвящена изучению сведений завещаний об истории плена и работорговли в Московском государстве времен Ливонской войны и эвристическому значению этой группы источников. Анализируется стратегия упоминания в завещании В. М. Ржевского своих служб. Выявлена фальсификация, которая позволяет говорить о «местнической ментальности».

В. А. Пыпина: «Отец и мать в моем уме и сердце»

В статье исследуется проблема формирования личности старшей дочери академика А. Н. Пыпина – Веры Александровны. Автор на основе анализа многочисленных и разнообразных архивных источников и исследовательской литературы определяет характерные особенности воспитания в семье Пыпиных, позволившие Вере Александровне стать высококультурной, широко образованной и целеустремленной личностью, посвятившей себя культурно-просветительской и общественно-благотворительной деятельности в тяжелое для страны время.

Советская историография 1930 – середины 1960-х годов о роли России в Антанте (к истории тезиса о полуколониальной зависимости России от союзников)

В статье анализируется проблема изучения роли России в Антанте советскими историками 1930 – середины 1960-х гг. Идеологической установкой для исследователей вплоть до 1956 г. являлся тезис о полуколониальной зависимости России от союзников, сформулированный И. В. Сталиным и закрепленный в книге «История ВКП (б). Краткий курс». Тезис отражал историографическую ситуацию своего времени, но не имел конкретного содержания.

События в Алма-Ате в декабре 1986 г.: первый ультиматум национальных элит Центру

В статье анализируется роль этноэлит в период нарастания дезинтеграционных процессов в СССР периода перестройки, приведших к распаду единого государства. Исследуются события в Казахстане в декабре 1986 г., их роль в консолидации республиканской партийной элиты, направившей свои усилия на создание этнократического режима и достижение независимости от союзного Центра. Делается вывод о мобилизующем значении этнонационализма как мощного оружия в борьбе за контроль над республиканскими ресурсами, собственностью и властью.

Involvement of Garrison Soldiers into Construction Works in Kronstadt and St. Petersburg in the 1710s and 1720s

The article deals with the question of involving soldiers of garrison regiments to build fortifications in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt in the first third of the 18th century. Soldiers were recruited on the island of Kotlin in the 1710s, when large-scale construction works were launched there. The service- men did not perform hard tasks. Their number, compared with the total number of working people at that time was small. At that time recruitment of soldiers, most likely, was associated with secrecy as they were involved wherever ordinary workers did not want to be admitted.

Russia’s Influence on the Relationship between the Zapoorozhian Sich and the Hetmanate

The article highlights political confrontation between the Hetmanate and the Zapoorozhian Sich and an important role of Russian diplomacy, which sought to limit the autonomy of Ukraine. The author shows that political orientation of the hetmans could vary depending on the political environment. The Russian government skillfully used contra- dictions between different political forces and Moscow diplomats in order to eliminate the Hetmanate autonomy. A Cossack leader was granted the rights of the Russian nobility, and ordinary Cossacks ac- quired the status of peasants.

Supply of Meat Products to the Front during the First World War: Harvesting Cattle for the Army

The article is devoted to the problem of cattle harvesting for the Russian army during the First World War of 1914–1918. Supplies to the front played an important part in Russian defense capability. Therefore, the government and first of all, the Ministry of Agriculture, which was responsible for the food issues, made great effort to use the livestock fund of the country reasonably. Regional distribution of livestock supplies for the army, involvement of the county, and reduction of meat consumption at the home front – all served to achieve victory in the world conflict.

Development Trends and Geography of Industry of Dagestan in the 1990s–2010s

Common features and peculiarities in different industries in the region during the crisis, changes in the territorial allocation and sectoral industries in Dagestan from the 1990s to 2010 are shown. As it is stressed in the article, despite serious unresolved problems the authorities of the republic (during the analyzed period) with active material and other support from the federal center, carried out purposeful work to overcome difficulties and unresolved problems in industries and ensure their sustainable development.

To the Question of Sources of Settlement of the Customs and Tavern Administrative Equipment in the Voronezh District in the 17th Century

The article is devoted to the problem of settlement of the customs and tavern administrative apparatus in the Voronezh district in the 17th century. The author analyzes the social origin of customs and tavern heads, both as elected on faith, and tax farmers. The article concerns the mechanism of electing of customs and tavern cross-kissers and clerks.

Poetic Images of the Liberation War of Russia in the Balkans (on the Materials of Magazines of the 1870s «Niva» and «Pchela»)

The article is devoted to the figurative and artistic representation of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877–1878 on the pages of popular Russian magazines of the 1870s «Niva» and «Pchela». Analyzing the texts of poems published in periodicals,  the author examines the historical and cultural context of the formation and evolution of images of the liberation war of Russia in the Balkans. The author of the article analyzes the cultural and psychological components of the perception of the  “Slavic question” in Russian society in the 1870s.

Clerical Culture of National Institutions of Pre-revolutionary Russia and Some Features of the Document Performance in Local Autonomy

Based on documentary sources, the article analyzes the peculiarities of the documentary culture of zemstvo self-government bodies starting from the second half of the 19th century till 1917. The article examines the main types and the types of documents that functioned in the system of documenting the activities of zemstvos and their subordinate institutions.