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Вторая мировая война

Crises of the 1930s in the estimates of U.S. society

The article describes reaction of U.S. society to the crisis moments of international Affairs 1931–1939. U.S. media estimates analyzed the Germany's aggression in Europe and Japanese aggression in Asiа

The Iranian Factor of Anglo-Soviet Conciliation after Nazi Aggression against the Soviet Union (June – July, 1941)

The hypothesis is justified in the article thatidentity of positions on situation in Iran after Nazi aggression against USSR have predetermined rather rapid overcoming of mutual distrust between USSR and Great Britain and conclusion of an agreement on joint actions in the war against Germany.

The Iranian Plot. Re-reading I.M. Maisky heritage

In this article, I.M. Maisky’s involvement in the elaboration of a joint USSR and Great Britain position concerning Iran in the summer of 1941 is considered, based on his memoirs, diaries and correspondence. 

Начало несчастного дня шахривара: прием В. М. Молотовым иранского посла 25 августа 1941 года

В статье на основе документов из Архива внешней политики Российской Федерации рассматривается характер и содержание встречи народного комиссара по иностранным делам СССР В. М. Молотова с послом Ирана в Москве М. Саедом, состоявшейся 25 августа 1941 г., на которой Молотов проинформировал посла о вводе советских войск в Иран и вручил соответствующую ноту.


В статье на основе донесений фельдмаршала А. Уйэвелла военному министру Великобритании Дж. Григу рассматриваются подготовка и осуществление ввода британских сил в Иран в августе 1941 г. в рамках совместной операции с Красной армией.

F. Franco. Prevarication (1943–1945)

The article deals with the foreign policy of Spain in the period of the Second World War. The author analyses the search of a special political way, which allowed Francisco Franco to prevent the participation in the war, retain the power and preserve the relative stability in the country. Special attention is paid to the development of relations between Francoist Spain with Germany, Italy, USA and Great Britain.

Отдельные элементы потенциала крепости Гибралтар в контексте стратегической роли данной позиции в 1940–1942 годах

В истории Второй мировой войны значимое место занимает вопрос потенций, вытекавших из обладания Великобританией позицией в Гибралтаре. Несомненная важность проблемы в контексте общего хода войны и сложных политических маневров правительства франкистской Испании в отношении Англо-Американского альянса и «Оси» оправдывает имеющееся исследовательское внимание к теме. При этом зачастую стратегии

Alexander Ugrimov – Russian Hero of the French Resistance: «I Walked on a Tightrope over an Abyss…»

The article examines the activities of French Resistance units in the occupied territory of France during the world war II. The author explores the little-known pages of the durdan Resistance group’s activities through the prism of perception of the events of those years and by the example of the fate of one of the active participants and leaders of the anti – fascist movement-a Russian emigrant of the first wave, Alexander Alexandrovich Ugrimov.

German cultural policy and propaganda in the territory of the General district of Belarus in 1941–1944

The article deals with the problem of policy and propaganda in the field of culture of the German civil administration in the territory of the General District of Belarus. The aim of the research is to analyze the content of German propaganda materials in the field of culture, to determine its main directions, goals and effectiveness, as well as the content of the real occupation policy in the field of culture. Research methods-analysis and synthesis are applied in the article.

Francoist Spain in the context of the Second World War: Deeds and intentions

The article is devoted to two peripheral problems of international relations on the eve and during the Second World War. At this time Spain was trying to solve its territorial problems in North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. The author’s attention is focused on the activities of the caudillo F. Franco in solving these problems. Franco managed to strengthen the influence of Spain in Tangier, but was unable to return Gibraltar to his country.