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The Works on the Social History of England Represented in the Translation from the Foreign Languages in Russia on the Eve of XIX–ХХ Centuries

The activity on incorporation of the foreign works on social development of England into the intellectual space of Russia is analyzed in the article. The translations into Russian of the works of the outstanding European historians, political science specialists, lawyers, sociologists had become an important and natural respond to the social need in learning of the western and especially British experience, in comparison of the distinctive national development with the achievements of the other peoples.

Enterpretation of English Revolution of the XVII Century by M. M. Kovalevsky

The article is concerned with the contribution of one of the most famous Russian liberal scientists to the history of English revolution research – the important problem of European modern history. It was the first contribution to scientific elaboration of this subject in Russia.

The Native Historiography of Medieval Moravian Cities Development: the History and the Prospects of Studying

The article describes the tradition of studying Moravian cities in native Slavonic studies and concludes the necessity of further researching this issue.

The concept of “brutalization” of society and its possibilities for analyzing the Great Russian Revolution

The article analyzesforeign historiography onthe problem of “brutalization” of society afterthe First World War. In particular,the works of historians of Western European universities, which do not have publications in Russian, are considered. The author attempts to correlate the conclusions of foreign researchers about the impact of the First World War on the “coarsening” of European society with the events that took place in Russia after 1917.


Article is devoted to historiographical analysis of the scientific problem of social service of the Russian Orthodox Church in the second half of XIX – early XX centuries. the latest local historical research. Highlight the achievements of modern Russian authors to identify and explore key areas, which were implemented in the social ministry of the church during this period, the ways of further research topics. 

Medieval history of Slaves in scientific-pedagogical activity T.N. Granovsky

The author of this article examine the evaluation of famous Russian historian  T.N. Granovsky (1813 — 1855)  of historical role Slavic peoples and define his contribution in study of history of Western Slaves in the Middle Ages.

1812 in the works of the Saratov historians

The article includes a historiografic review of works of the Saratov researchers about the war of 1812. Mainly it says about the books published in 1912–2012. Analysing the works by N. F. Hovansky, V. V. Pugachev, N. A.Troitsky, V. P. Totfalushin, V. S. Parsamov, Yu. L. Yepanchin, I. N. Pleshakov etc. the author has come to the conclusion that the works of the Saratov historians of 1812 war have common features: attentive attitude to the sources, wide range of issues regarded, tendency to demythologization of the war history, denial of pseudopatriotic stereotypes.

The aborigine alteration in the Big World War: suits and deliberations in the historiography of problem

The article is devoted to the reflection in soviet and modern russian historiography of the aborigine alteration`s  problem  in the Big World War 1941-1945 years. It is showed the formiration of conception and her specifics on different historiography stages. Particularly attention is spared to advisement of discussions of the begining`s time of aborigine alteration during the War

The Economic Aspects of the History of Medieval and Early Modern Towns in Modern Ukrainian Historiography

The article analyzes the study of the economic aspects of medieval and early modern urban history by Ukrainian historians, primarily on the example of the study of urban guilds. The author draws attention to new approaches in the study of the issue and to the question of how the new understanding of culture and anthropological turn in historiography affect the study of the economy of towns. The article also indicates possible new perspectives for the study of the problem

The Manuscript Heritage by the Bishop of Saratov and Tsaritsin Eparchy Jacob (Vecherkov) in the Russian Archives

The article gives the review of the manuscript heritage by the bishop of the Saratov and Tsaritsin eparchy Jacob (Vecherkov) which are kept in some Russian central and regional archives. The criticism of his scientific works and letters is undertaken. The future of investigations of his heritage, church, social and scientific activities is demonstrated.