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Chesterton’s Motives in the Novel V. Kaverin

The article is dedicated to the comparative analysis of some formalsapid peculiarities of Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s novel «The return of Don Quixote» and Veniamin Kaverin’s novel «Художник неизвестен». The author of the article analyzes parallels in the construction of the plot, structure of motives and images of both novels, and philosophic categories, connected for both writers with ideals of honor of Medieval knights.

English Dissenters in Discussion on Matters of American Independence

The article deals with the problem of relations of the English «rational» dissenters to the American Revolution and independence. Analysis is based on works of the key figures of dissenter’s movement, who had a great influence on English and American social and religious life in the late XVIII century.

The Statement of the British Administration in Quebec and the Problem of Adaptation of the Traditional Colonial Policy (the Middle of 1760th)

Article is devoted to studying of policy of Great Britain in Quebec in the first years after the termination of Seven-year war. The author has concentrated his attention on researching of factors of its formation: the governmental course, policy of governor-generals, the conflict of interests of English merchants and the French community. The special attention is given to a problem of formation of administration political course on the basis of struggle of «old» and «new» social groups.

Semantic Field of Concept «Reason» in XVIII Century Aesthetic Thought (on A. Popes’ Works)

This work concerns revealing basic signatures of the concept «reason» (wit, judgment, understanding, sense etc.) and their semantic interrelations in aesthetic discourses of XVIII. The analysis is made on the basis of the works of Pope on art criticism. The author notes that in the English lexicon of the first half of XVIII century «reason» united around itself majority of concepts denoting cognitive and creative activity of a person.

Affinity in the XIV–XV Centuries: Means of Formation and Social Functions

Evolution of feudal system on the verge of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries entailed а decline of military service based on former tenurial bonds and its substitution by the system of contracted obligations which facilitated development of the institution of affinity. These communities forming around magnates executed not only military functions but became the centers of social, political and administrative activity. They defended interests of their members and promoted matrimonial and economic links among them.

Nugae Curialium: Criticism of Dispositions of the Courtiers in Political Thought of Twelfth Century England

This article deals with the problem of frivolities («nugae») in social and political life of England in the twelfth century. According to John of Salisbury’s «Policraticus of the frivolities of courtiers and the footprints of philosophers» («Policraticus sive de nugis curialium et vestigiis philosophorum», 1159) frivolities are the most significant part of «vita tyranni». Not only courtiers, but also kings, live without understanding of their great role in the state.

Great Britain and the Maastricht Treaty on European Union (1992)

The article describes the ratification of Maastricht treaty on European Union by British parliament. Particular attention is paid to the role of Prime Minister John Major in the framing of a treaty and its acceptance in the context of escalated intraparty and interparty relations.

The British Army in 1930s: Activity of Secretaries of State for War A. Duff Cooper and L. Hore-Belisha

The article reviews the activities of Secretaries of State for War of Great Britain, Alfred Duff Cooper and Leslie Hore-Belisha on specific issues of modernization of British land forces during the period of 1936–1939. The work is based mainly on archival material: memoranda and conclusions of the British Cabinet, which are available on the official site of the National Archives of Great Britain.

On the Threshold of the Peace Conference: Anglish-Irish Treaty of 1921

The article deals with the events preceding the signing of the AngloIrish Treaty in 1921. Particular emphasis is placed on the analysis of correspondence between the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George and President of the unrecognized Republic of Ireland, Eamon De Valera. Analysis of the documents shows a spectrum of conflicts both within the UK government, and among Irish nationalists.

The Works on the Social History of England Represented in the Translation from the Foreign Languages in Russia on the Eve of XIX–ХХ Centuries

The activity on incorporation of the foreign works on social development of England into the intellectual space of Russia is analyzed in the article. The translations into Russian of the works of the outstanding European historians, political science specialists, lawyers, sociologists had become an important and natural respond to the social need in learning of the western and especially British experience, in comparison of the distinctive national development with the achievements of the other peoples.