International Relations

Nikolai Ivanovich Kostomarov in the Cultural Environment of Saratov

Saratov historians have long been interested in Kostomarov’s impact on the cultural environment of Saratov. The discovery by Kostomarov of new sources on the history of the Saratov province and the presentation of his views on the features of the regional historical process stimulated the development of scientific knowledge in this area and influenced the social and cultural scene of the principal town of the province.

The Economical Consequences of African Migration to Spain

The article estimates the macroeconomic and microeconomic consequences of migration from Africa to Spain, as well as its impact on the labor market. It includes data on the impact of migration on GDP growth, inflation, wages, and employment of the indigenous population. It concludes that immigration has a positive impact on the using of resources and an overall increasing the economic efficiency. In particular, in Spain, immigration contributes to correcting imbalance in the labor market and the normal operation of production, especially in low-efficiency sectors of the economy.

The Discourse of Turkish «Soft Power» in the Context of the Turkish Foreign Policy Transformation in 2001–2015 (Based on Turkish Political Leaders’ Speech Analysis)

The article discusses the study features of “Turkish model” and «Turkish Soft Power» concepts usage in academic and scientific circles of Turkey. Based on the Turkish leaders Ahmet Davutoglu and Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speeches the author analyzes the key components invested in these concepts. The time frame of the study was 2001–2014, and the basis of the presented statistics was the work of 2015, presented by Turkish researchers Yohanan Benhaim and Kerem Oktem “The rise and fall of Turkey’s soft power discourse. Discourse in foreign policy under Davutoğlu and Erdoğan”.

Historical Modeling of Asymmetric Conflicts in the British-American Discourse in the Middle of the 1960s

The author of this article comprehensively and systematically analyzes the discussion about the possibilities of historical modeling of asymmetric conflicts that arose in the American and British expert communities in the mid-1960s. The author reveals the reasons for the discrepancy between the final conclusions of the expert opinions of British and American experts on the possibilities and necessity of applying the colonial experience of the British Empire’s anti-insurgency in the conditions of the Vietnam conflict of the mid-1960s.

«Islamic Awakening» and «Syrian Spring»

The article analyzes the main provisions of the concept of «Islamic Awakening», which became the basis of the foreign policy doctrine of Iran in the period of «Arab spring». However, given the specifics of the development of events in 2011 in Syria, called the Syrian Spring, which did not fit into the concept of Islamic Awakening, the Iranian authorities were forced to “finalize” it.

The Process of Euro-Atlantic Integration of Bulgaria in the 1990–2000s

The article examines the progress of the NATO’s«open-door» policy’s realization towards Bulgaria in the 1990-2000s taking into account the changes in the country in the socio-economic and military-political sphere, which were aimed at the integration into Euro-Atlantic structures. An analysis of the reasons that have forced NATO to begin reformatting of the Eastern Balkans and inclusion this subregion in its sphere of influence is made.

The American Aid Policy Evolution During D. Eisenhower’s Presidency

The article is devoted to studying the peculiarities of the process of forming the postwar world economic order during the D. Eisenhower administration, within which contradictions were growing among the American ruling elites concerning the U. S. foreign economic policy direction. Particular attention is paid to researching ideological approaches of various interest groups in American Congress and administration in respect to the foreign aid program, which played a key role in implementing the plans of all interested parties.

History and Modern Condition of the Regional Industrial and Production Facilities of the North-East China Realized with the Assistance of the USSR in the 1950s

Based on the use of historical analysis of regional studies, translation of Chinese-language documents, the history and current state of industrial-production objects of China erected with technical, economic, financial, and advisory assistance from the USSR in the 1950s are considered. The main objects of coal mining, petrochemical, fuel and energy, hydropower, agricultural, food, forestry and metallurgical industries of the three Chinese northeastern provinces, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, are identified.

The Political Portrait of Damascus Lion. Syria’s President Hafez Assad

The purpose of this article is to represent the political portrait of Syrian president Hafez Asad. In order to pursue the goal, the following objectives were set. Firstly, to examine the key factors which shaped him as a politician. Secondly, to highlight the importance of Hafez Asad in internal and foreign policy of the country. The biographical method was of high priority because the author intended to show the place of a single person in the country’s history.

Conflicts of the Arab and Jewish Population in the First Half of the 20th Century: the Domination of Violence and the International Context

The paper is aimed at identifying the main causes of the dominance of violence in the interaction of Arabs and Jews in the Middle East in the first half of the 20th century. At that time Zionism finally took shape as political force, and the active migration of Jews to the territory
of Palestine began to provoke the Arabs. The author researches the conflict through the prism of the international presence in the region and concludes that the UK has not coped with the stabilization of the situation in the mandated territory.