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The phenomenon of collaborationism in the territories of the USSR occupied by Nazi Germany (1941–1944): Points of view and assessment in historiography

An extensive domestic and foreign historiography has been created on the topic of collaborationism and related problems. The purpose of this work is to consider the phenomenon of collaborationism and the forms of its manifestation in the temporarily occupied territories of the southern regions of Russia, the Crimea, the North Caucasus, to compare the approaches of researchers in understanding its essence, forms and scales.

Contemporary Polish Historiography about Jozef Pilsudski and the Sanacja Camp

The article is devoted to the presentation in contemporary Polish historiography Jozef Pilsudski, as the organizer of the May 1926 coup d'etat in Poland, the leader of the sanacja camp and creator of the sanacja regime, as well as the characteristics of the sanacja camp. In this article are presented the opinions of the Polish authors in the latest studies on those problems and the main trends of contemporary Polish history science.

A new French source about Russia in the eighteenth century in the genre of historical anecdote

A review of the book by S. A. Mezin and the publication of an interesting historical source written in 1757 by Chevalier d’Eon, a diplomat and adventurer is presented. The manuscript “Secret Anecdotes about the Court of the All-Russian Empress” is published for the first time both in French and in Russian. In the peer-reviewed book the source characteristic and the analysis of the manuscript, scientific comments, the detailed essay on French studies of Russia in 1725–1762 were qualitatively made.

The research of the All-Russian Local Council 1917–1918 and regional (district) Councils of the Russian Church in 1918–1920 in the modern Russian historiography

The author of the paper analyses modern scientific works in which the All-Russian Local Council 1917–1918 is examined. Moreover, the historiography of the regional (district) councils that took place in the Russian Church during the Local Council and the Civil war (All-Ukranian in Kyiv, Siberian in Tomsk, South-Eastern in Stavropol and also the attempt to convene the Council in the Far East), is researched. The author also talks about the key book series and publishing projects that have been accomplished during the last two decades.

The Materials of the G.M. Lowitz and P.B. Inokhodtsev’s Scientific Expedition (1769–1774) as the Sources on the History of the Low Volga Region

The activity of the G.M. Lowitz and P.B. Inokhodtsev’s scientific expedition of the 1769–1774 is analyzed in the article. The article gives the review of the preserved expedition’s materials that are of interest as the sources on the history of the Low Volga Region.

The Native Historiography of Medieval Moravian Cities Development: The History and the Prospects of Studying

The article describes the tradition of studying Moravian cities in native Slavonic studies and concludes the necessity of further researching this issue.

Generalizing works on the Samara Luka and the Usolskaya Patrimony of the XVIII – early XX centuries as an experience of modern research practices of “local history”

The article analyzes comprehensive studies of the unique natural and cultural-historical territory on the Middle Volga – Samara Luka and one of the largest landlords in Russia – the Usolsky Patrimony of the Orlovs and Orlov-Davydovs. This example shows the role of historians and modern methods of “local history” in interdisciplinary studying the past of Russian regions, including the processes of the colonization and the development of the South-East of European Russia.

The Works on the Social History of England Represented in the Translation from the Foreign Languages in Russia on the Eve of XIX–ХХ Centuries

The activity on incorporation of the foreign works on social development of England into the intellectual space of Russia is analyzed in the article. The translations into Russian of the works of the outstanding European historians, political science specialists, lawyers, sociologists had become an important and natural respond to the social need in learning of the western and especially British experience, in comparison of the distinctive national development with the achievements of the other peoples.

Enterpretation of English Revolution of the XVII Century by M. M. Kovalevsky

The article is concerned with the contribution of one of the most famous Russian liberal scientists to the history of English revolution research – the important problem of European modern history. It was the first contribution to scientific elaboration of this subject in Russia.