Russian History

The Microdemography Analysis of Peasant Morality in Oryol Village at the Beginning of ХХ Century

The article is devoted to the study of level and reasons of mortality in peasant environment of the Oryol province on microdemography level. Based lie with statistics registers of births settlements Oryol province, kept in the State archive of Oryol region. For the study Bolhov typical localities, and Kromsk and Livensk counties of Oryol province were taken.The study of peasantry mortality is important for the study of historical and geographical differences between large regions of Russia. 

Land use rationalization in estates of the Tambov gentry Davydovs at the end of the XVIII – the beginning of the XX century

The paper is devoted to the famous of the Tambov noble family of Davydovs. The author is studied actions for rationalization of land use in estates of gentry Davydovs at the end of the XVIII – the beginning of the XX century.

The formation and development of environmental policy of the russian state

This article discusses the process of formation and development of environmental legislation, management conservation and environmental policy of the Russian state. Special attention is paid to the evolution of environmental legislation, the emergence and development of the first state agencies involved in the organization of forest management and afforestation.

The Ukrainization policy of the Stavropol territory in the 1920-1930s. Plans, implementa-tion, results

This article is devoted to the problem of the Soviet Ukrainization of the Stavropol territory in the 1920s and early 1930s. The author explains the plans, peculiarities, implementation, results and consequences of this policy in the Non-Cossack region of the North Caucasus.

Russian periodicals on the humanitarian crisis in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War

The article, based on Russian periodic press, deals with the tragic fate of the Armenian people who were subjected to deportation and genocide during the First World War, The author analyzes the causes and stages of the genocide, reveals the mechanism of the Armenian population’s destruction.

The 500-year anniversary of Jan Hus’ tragic death and the Russian society during the First World War

The author of the article considers the peculiarities of the Russian society’s perception of the great Czech philosopher Jan Hus’ heritage during the First World War and identifies the causes of the sudden surge of interest towards this personality and doctrine in Russia in 1914–1918.

The attitude of political parties to the Russian cooperative movement at the beginning of the XX century

In the article, the attitude of political parties of Russia to the cooperative movement at a stage of its mass development at the beginning of the XX century is analyzed. In the center of the author’s attention is the party of revolutionary socialists and cooperative reformists who were mostly interested in the cooperation and, to a lesser extent, social democrats, cadets and other parties.

Dmitrii A. Miliutin on foreign theory of military geography

The paper is devoted to the comparative analysis of foreign military theoreticians’ works by the Russian military historian, statistician, one of the founders of “The Russian school” of military statistics and future Minister for War and reformer Dmitrii A. Milutin in his fundamental two-volume work “First Experiments in Military Statistics”. The works which dealt with descriptions of state armed forces in the 18th – the first half of the 19th centuries lacked a complex approach in the study of the state military potential.

The history of the Development of Zemsky Reform Concept: “Observations on Zemsky Establishing Project” by N. A. Milyutin

The paper focuses on one of the important aspects of zemsky reform preparation - N. A. Milyutin's observations on Valuev's preliminary draft of zemstvo establishment (Preliminary Essay). The polemic sharpness of Milyutin's “observations” that occured due to promoting his own self-governance model has been traced.

The timeline of Sultan Khan-Girey, the Adyghe enlightener and public figure

Historical and biographic studies are gaining relevance in national historiography. In this article, the timeline of the Adyghe enlightener and public figure Sultan Khan-Girey is traced, and also his public and publicistic activity is revealed. The progressive views of the enlightener are asserted on the basis of the carried-out analysis.