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Galyamichev Alexandr N.

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профессор кафедры всеобщей истории

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Galyamichev A. N. Историк и его время (жизнь и судьба В. А. Ермолаева)
Galyamichev A. N. Thomas Munzer in the Bohemia
Galyamichev A. N. The Town and Monastery in Medieval Bohemia (X–XIII Centuries)
Galyamichev A. N. On the Reasons of Wide Spread of the Magdeburg City Law in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe
Galyamichev A. N. The Tartar-Mongol Invasion and Urban Development in Central Europe
Galyamichev A. N. Из истории средневековой Праги: резиденция главы чешской церкви и развитие города
Galyamichev A. N. Пржемысловская легенда и коронационный обряд правителей средневековой Чехии
Galyamichev A. N. . Возникновение и раннее развитие чешского города Колина-над-Лабой
Galyamichev A. N. The 500-year anniversary of Jan Hus’ tragic death and the Russian society during the First World War
Galyamichev A. N. Investigator of History of Towns Provencal South of Frence (About ScientificPedagogical Activity of M. E. Belyaeva)
Galyamichev A. N. E. E. Viollet le Duc and His Place in History of Study of French Towns in the Middle Ages
Galyamichev A. N. John Hus and Lollards (The Letter from Hus Magister to Richard Wyche)
Galyamichev A. N. The medieval towns of Bohemia: in European context
Galyamichev A. N. Medieval history of Slaves in scientific-pedagogical activity T.N. Granovsky
Galyamichev A. N. The early history of the Czech city of Pilsen according to written sources and archaeological research