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«The Greatest Dandy of his Times» G.B. Brummell in Victorian Periodicals

The author in the article explores the reflection of the course of life of famous English dandy in the beginning of the XIX century G. Brummell in Victorian periodicals. The article is based on the reviews in various periodicals, which were published after the full biography of G. Brummell had been printed in 1844.

The British Army in 1930s: Activity of Secretaries of State for War A. Duff Cooper and L. Hore-Belisha

The article reviews the activities of Secretaries of State for War of Great Britain, Alfred Duff Cooper and Leslie Hore-Belisha on specific issues of modernization of British land forces during the period of 1936–1939. The work is based mainly on archival material: memoranda and conclusions of the British Cabinet, which are available on the official site of the National Archives of Great Britain.

«Strangers in Parliament!»: the Procedural Incident of 1875 (from History of Political Culture of the Victorian England)

The article is devoted to history of periodicals in Great Britain in a context of evolution of democratic institutes of the British society. The problem is considered on an example of one of bright episodes of history of the British parliamentarism of 1875. Work is based on materials of the British parliament, the press, memoirs.

Early Reviews of Travel Literature on the Pages of the Edinburgh Review: Images of the East

The author of this article studies the images of the East in the reviews of the travel literature in the first edition of the British periodical the Edinburgh Review, which was published in 1802. Particular attention is paid to the image of Turkey in the review of the work by G. A. Olivier “Travel in the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and Persia, undertaken by order of the Government of France, during the first six years of the Republic” (1801).

The Image of the Russian Empire in the columns of «The Edinburgh Review» during 1802–1812.

The author of this article studies the images of the Russian Empire in periodicals «The Edinburgh Review» in the period from 1802 to 1812. Particular attention is paid to the space-climatic, Potestarian images and stereotypes of foreigners about Russian society.