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Global warming: Russia’s approaches and the West’s reaction

The article is devoted to the study of the evolution of the national climate policy from the moment of its emergence in the USSR in the 1960s and 1970s until the end of the active phase of cooperation between Moscow and Western countries in this area at the end of 2021. The main stages of climate policy,factors of evolution and impact onthe Russian economy are considered. It is concludedthatthe cooperation ofthe Russian Federation with Western countries on the issue of global warming was built on a solid foundation, which can become the basis for future dialogue.

Восточное Средиземноморье и сирийский вопрос во внешнеполитических приоритетах России и США

Аннотация: Исследовательский интерес к Восточному Средиземноморью сохраняется у российских и зарубежных специалистов как ввиду энергетического потенциала региона, так и нерешенных вопросов безопасности. В данной статье рассматривается роль глобальных держав – России и США – в районе Восточного Средиземноморья с точки зрения теории комплекса региональной безопасности. Предпринята попытка определить интересы и приоритеты Москвы и Вашингтона на базе анализа доктринальных установок обоих государств в выделяемом субкомплексе.


В статье рассмотрен внешнеполитический курс России в отношении США в 1991–1996 гг. Показано стремление руководства России достичь уровня стратегического партнерства с Соединенными Штатами в условиях становления новой российской государственности и ослабления международных позиций страны. Сделан вывод о крахе неоправданных надежд и иллюзий Москвы на равноправное сотрудничество с Вашингтоном.

Palestinian front of the Islamic revolution

In the article analyzes the «Palestinian» track in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It’s studying initiatives of Teheran in resolving of «the Palestinian conflict» and reaction to them from the Arabian world. Also consider the transformation of foreign policy structures of the region in the Middle East caused by a policy of Israel and the USA in the Palestinian territories after operation «Cast lead» in 2009 year.

The «Trouble Spot» of the Andean Region: Colombia and Venezuela at the Beginning of the XXI-st Century

The article considers the reasons of modern Colombia-Venezuela tension. The special attention of the author is focused on the position and the role of the United States in the development of the conflict situation


SCO actions in Central Asia (CA) are often become criticized by NATO and its loyal states. The key reasons for that are named to be the military trainings run by SCO and its close ties with Iran as it is a non-official member there or one of the SCO’s observers. The article offers various opinions both amiable and critical with regard to SCO expressed by the world community. The next part of the article describes the US policy for basing its troops in the region and a general situation regarding Pentagon’s military bases located in the CA and Pakistan.

About a position of leaders of the USA on oil cooperation with Saudi Arabia in 1943

The article examines approaches of the American authorities to questions of providing the state with a strategic raw material – oil, in the specific conditions of World War II. This evidence revealed  the different approaches of the heads of ministries and departments to Saudi Arabia. The author reveals the role of U.S. business to strengthen political and economic cooperation with the oil emirate. This article demonstrates that a thorough analysis of documents opens up new possibilities for the study of US-Saudi relations in the abovementioned period.

Turkey, Iran, USA and the Iraq Crisis of 2003 year

In article are analyzed the specificity of relations between Turkey, Iran and the USA on the eve, during Iraq war and after. Thus the author gives the big attention to consideration of turkish and Iranian tools of crisis reaction to address of this conflict, and also touches a kurdish question which aggravation was direct investigation of the american intervention.

The Iranian issue in the context of the American-Russian relations (2000–2008)

The article is devoted to American-Russian relations during the period of presidency of George W. Bush. The author focuses on the U.S. position on Russian-Iranian collaboration issue. The role of personal diplomacy of George W. Bush and V. Putin in the process of bilateral relations of U.S.A. And Russia is highlighted.

China’s policy in Central Asia and Russia’s strategy

The article is devoted to the study of the geo-political changes in Central Asia. The expansion of China’s influence and Russia’s weakening are analyzed. The author defines the factors that Russia can oppose to the prospects for transforming this region into Pax Sinica