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«I write these memoirs, first of all, with the aim to portray as truthfully and accurately as possible the events and people I met on my life path»

The review analyzed the characteristics and content of a unique ego-source, the memoirs of a prominent figure in the revolutionary movement of late Imperial Russia S. A. Nikonova, on the pages which come to life fragments of revolutionary struggle and cultural-public life of Russia at the turn of the twentieth century, and presents a gallery of historical portraits and sketches prominent and often little-known characters of that era.

A new study on the history of the Russian peasantry during the Civil War

The review presents an analysis of V. V. Kondrashin’s textbook, which, on the basis of a large complex of archival and published documentary materials and scientific literature, recreated a panorama of the relationship of the Russian peasantry with the opposing power structures that appeared and functioned in Russia during the Great Russian Revolution – the Bolshevik government and its political opponents that arose during the Civil War, white and other regimes.

Английские просветители о проблемах роста преступности в период коммерциализации общества

Рецензия посвящена анализу монографии, рассматривающей отклики английских философов, писателей, юристов, общественных деятелей на распространение преступности в английском обществе XVIII в. Внимание рецензента сосредоточено на авторской характеристике подходов современников к решению обозначенной проблемы в течение столетия.

British Enlightenment in the faces of their time: View from Russia of the 21st century

The review contains comments that were the result of acquaintance with a new book by Russian experts on the history of the British Enlightenment. The authors focused on the main representatives of several generations of this direction of philosophical thought. Their bright essays are based on attracting a wide range of sources and scientific literature. Readers will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of the work of British educational intellectuals.

English Rationalist Philosophers about the Phenomenon of Miracle

The review deals with the analysis of the monograph devoted to the influence of Christian understanding of the phenomenon of miracle on the views of English seventeenth-century philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. The reviewer’s attention is focused on the way the author of the monograph describes the spiritual atmosphere in which the world view of these thinkers developed, as well as on the historiographical interpretations of their theories.

New Research about Educational Activity ScientistsAgrarians

The review gave an analysis of the monograph of S. A. Kozlov, which presented the reconstruction of biographies of prominent Russian scientists, having made a significant contribution to the development and implementation of new agricultural practices and sustainable farming practices, and also in promotion of scientific knowledge and creation of a system of agricultural education in the Russian Empire in XIX and early XX of centuries. Features of author’s approach, the importance of the research done by the historian are noted, debatable questions are designated.

«May God Save us from Living in a Fun Time...»

The review is dedicated to the first in our historical science biography of the historian P. G. Lybomirova. It is noted that the authors of the monograph highly professionally investigated the contribution of P. G. Lyubomirova in domestic historiography. The review analyzes the main ideas and scientific approaches of the authors of the biography.

A New Study on the History of National Minorities

The review presents the analysis of S. V. Kretinin’s monograph, which examines the problem of the German national minority in Poland in the interwar period (1918–1939). The importance of the research done by the historian, the features of the author’s approach are noted, the discussion issues are indicated. According to the reviewer, S. V. Kretinin’s monograph essentially opens up new prospects for studying the history of the Germans in Poland.

The Imperial Politics of Acculturation: the Historical Experience

The analysis of S. V. Lyubichankovski’s monographs is presented in the review, in which the problem of the use of the education system under the Islamic data in the Russian Empire to the solution of public problems at the regional level is studied. The authors of the review note the importance of the research done by the historian, the peculiarities of the author’s approach, the controversial issues raised in the work. In the reviewer’s opinion, the monograph of S. V.

Interrupted debut

Book Review: Totfalushin V.P. “Childhood Years” of Saratov Sport. Saratov: Volga LLC, 2015. 96 p.