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The place of Samuel Johnson in the spiritual life of British society in the second half of the 18th century

The review is devoted to the analysis of the monograph, which examines the place and role of the educator S. Johnson in the spiritual life of British society in the second half of the 18th century. The reviewer shows that the author of the monograph was able to convincingly prove that the intellectual heritage of the compiler of the “Dictionary of the English Language”, a moralist and literary critic, most fully reflected the trend towards self-identification that dominated contemporary English culture.

A new French source about Russia in the eighteenth century in the genre of historical anecdote

A review of the book by S. A. Mezin and the publication of an interesting historical source written in 1757 by Chevalier d’Eon, a diplomat and adventurer is presented. The manuscript “Secret Anecdotes about the Court of the All-Russian Empress” is published for the first time both in French and in Russian. In the peer-reviewed book the source characteristic and the analysis of the manuscript, scientific comments, the detailed essay on French studies of Russia in 1725–1762 were qualitatively made.

On the role of the Czechoslovak Corps in the Expansion of the Civil War in Russia

The book by M. A. Vasilchenko reveals the degree of participation of soldiers and officers of the Czechoslovak Corps at the initial stage of the Civil War in the Volga region. The monograph traces the process of transformation of Czech units from an integral part of the Russian army into a national military formation pursuing narrow national interests in the conditions of Civil War. The author introduces the concept of “autonomization” into scientific circulation, which is successful enough to describe this process.

Volga Region in Saratov of «The Twelfth Year»: the Fate of Great Army’s Prisoners of War

Рецензия на книгу «Саратовская губерния глазами пленных Великой армии» : материалы к курсу «История Саратовского Поволжья» / сост., вступ. ст. и коммент. канд. ист. наук В. П. Тотфалушина. Саратов : ИЦ «Наука», 2009. 196 с.

Review of: Kabanov A. Yu., Rabinovich Ya. N. “Straight lines” and “curves” of the Time of Troubles in Russia. Moscow, Quadriga Publ., 2022. 508 p. (in Russian).

The review is devoted to a new study of the events of the Time of Troubles in the history of the Russian state at the beginning of the 17th century. The study was carried out within the framework of the historical and anthropological approach. The authors of the book focus on the biographies of historical figures that have not previously been the subject of special study. The book contains 13 biographical essays on 15 direct participants in the events of the Time of Troubles.

Review of the book Y. N. Rabinovich «Governors of the left bank of Saratov (1616–1641)» (Saratov: IC «Science», 2013. - 158 p.)

В 2013 г. увидела свет монография саратовского исследователя Я. Н. Рабиновича, посвященная историческим судьбам воевод левобережного Саратова, управлявших городом и его округой в 1616–1641 гг. Издание этой книги является важным и знаковым событием. 


Автором монографии, переведенной И. В. Кучумовым, является американский ученый Джон Т. Александер, специалист по истории России XVIII века. Монография была впервые опубликована в США в 1973 г. (дословный перевод ее названия: «Император казаков: Пугачев и Жакерия фронтира 1773-1775 гг.»). Данная книга является в англоя­зычной литературе первым исследованием, специально посвященным истории пугачевского восстания.

Heroes and foes: Saratov’s region during the Napoleonic Wars, 1805-12.

Book review: Victor Totfalushin. Saratov’s region and the Napoleonic Wars: in commemoration to bicentennial of the 1812 Russian Patriotic War. (Saratov, ed. Saratov State University, 2011); p. 216.