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Roman Republic

Scipio Africanus and the Title imperator in Politics of the Roman Republic

The study is devoted to the transformation of the concept imperator in the Roman Republic and shows the role of the outstanding general Scipio Africanus in the appearance of the title imperator, as well as it analyses the influence of the Scipionic image on perception of the Roman politicians in the Late Republic.

Main directions of propaganda Gaius Julius Caesar

Article explores the question of the directions of propagation Gaius Julius Caesar. The author concludes that the Caesar's political propaganda, nominated more numerous, more powerful and meaningful slogans has helped defeat Pompey and his supporters in 49–45 years. BC.

Caesareans in 44–42 BC: the Genesis of the Slogans of Political Propaganda

The article considers the problems of the Caesarians’ split in the period 44-42. BC, the stages of genesis and orientation of the slogans of political propaganda are traced, the methods of conducting the struggle are studied. Based on the sources, the author outlines the main themes used by the Caesarians during the ideological confrontation. The analysis leads to the conclusion that the propaganda of the Caesarians was guided by wider public circles.