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Contribution of the Czech Typographer of the 16th Century Daniel Adam Veleslavin to the Dissemination of Historical Knowledge in the Czech Republic

This article deals with one aspect of publishing activities of the Czech typographer of the 16th century Daniel Adam Veleslavin, in particular his publication of translated works on history. The author analyzes this produce, and also reveals the role of the publications in cultural life of the Czech Republic of the 16th century.

Publishing Activities of the 16th Century Czech Book Printer Bartholomew Netolicky of Netolic

The article is devoted to the publishing activities of the 16th-century Czech typographer Bartholomew Netolicky of Netolic. The author examines the publishing activities of the printing house, which distinguishes two periods before and after the uprising of the Czech estates of 1547, reveals the number of preserved publications by their names and the genre repertoire of products.

Religious and moralistic works in the repertoire of the printing house of Daniel Adam Veleslavin

The author analyzes the publishing activity of the Czech typographer of the XVI century Daniel Adam Veleslavin, identifies the repertoire of publications, in particular the publication of religious and moralistic works, considers their role and place in the publishing products of the printing house and their significance for the Czech reader.