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Alexander II

French Journalism about Russia 60-ies of the XIX Century: Charle de Mazad’s Works in Essays and Opinions

A short review of publicistic works of Charles de Mazade on Russia and Russian publicists’ and public figures’ comments is given in the article. On the basis of the journalist’s theses and phrases, a characteristic of his works is given: political views, his expectations and opinions on certain ideological companions and opponents. In the article the conclusion about a strong influence of de Mazade’d works on the Russian society is reached, the dynamics of his views on politics and social life is mentioned.

In memoriam. Professor K. A. Koperzhinsky: “My father was first a teacher of ancient languages, then he became a priest”

This article presents the results of a study that made it possible to specify not only little-known facts from the history of Professor K. A. Koperzhinsky’s family but also those social and historical circumstances that led to the appearance of the clichéd formulation “my father was first a teacher, then he became a priest” in the autobiographical questionnaires of the post-revolutionary period.

N. A. Milyutin’s “Comments” on the article “Aristocracy and the interests of the nobility”

N. A. Milyutin’s “Comments” on the article “Aristocracy and the interests of the nobility. Thoughts and remarks on the peasant issue” by V. P. Bezobrazov reveal an under-reported episode of government policy in the field of the press during the development of peasant and local selfgovernment reforms. Consideration of V. P.