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немецкая колонизация

The early history of the Czech city of Pilsen according to written sources and archaeological research

The article examines the early history of one of the largest historical cities of the Czech Republic – Pilsen. It is shown that the city went through two stages in its development: initially it was one of the most important regional towns of the medieval Bohemian state, and in 1295, in the immediate vicinity of the old settlement, a royal city was founded, endowed with self-government rights and other privileges on the basis of city law, which became the center of economic life and a point of concentration of the population.

The Town and Monastery in Medieval Bohemia (X–XIII Centuries)

The article discusses the interaction of the two most important institutions of medieval society – the town and monastery in the Bohemia of X–XIII centuries, the peculiarities of this interaction during a specified period. Particular attention is paid to the XIII century, during which the Czech society, including the city and the Church, underwent significant changes, and the political, legal and socioeconomic system of the Bohemia approached the Western European model of medieval development.