Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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А. А. Гераклитов

Formation of a research base on the Saratov voivodes of 1590–1700

The article deals with the question of how the accumulation of information about the leaders of Saratov, who served here since the founding of the city and up to the beginning of the XVIII century. It is shown how this process is connected with the publication of various documentary sources during the XIX – early XX centuries, with the publication of genealogical collections and biographical dictionaries, as well as with the creation of the Saratov Academic Archival Commission. The names of the researchers who dealt with this issue are given.

Pristine Saratov (1590-1609): the historiography of the question

The article considers the unknown pages of the history of Saratov during the first twenty years after the foundation of the city, the characteristic of the "Saratov Annals", composed 120 years ago is given. The main studies concerning this period of Saratov’s history are discussed in detail and their shortcomings are indicated.

The Study of Saratov Volga Region’s History in the First Half of the XIX Century

The historical study of Russian regions in the 1810s – 1850s was connected with the general development of the historiographic process. Conceptual shift of philosophy concerning social life of society resulted in increased interest in local history. Early studies of Saratov Volga region’s history were assisted by the provincial administration and the episcopal cathedra.

Sources about the Left Bank of Saratov (1616–1674): General Characteristics

The article considers unknown pages of the history of the left-bank Saratov in 1616–1674. Special attention is paid to the characterization of sources about events in Saratov during this period. For the first time, the most comprehensive list of all currently known published sources on the left bank of Saratov is presented. It was concluded that this list of sources can be significantly replenished as a result of targeted searches in the archives, first of all of the RGADA, the main funds in which these sources can be found are noted.

On the Issue of Transferring Saratov to the Right Bank of the Volga in 1674

The article considers the reasons for the transfer of the left-bank Saratov to the right bank of the Volga in the area of the modern Museum Square. Particular attention is paid to the ruling persons (governors) of the town. The time of their stay in the new right-bank Saratov is specified. The main sources on the history of Saratov of this period are analyzed in detail.