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Французская революция

Charles James Fox and the debate in the British Parliament concerning the early period of the French Revolution)

The article deals with the position of the famous British politician, Whig party leader Charles James Fox on the beginning of the French Revolution. The author analyzes the reasons for the split in the ranks of the Whig parliamentary faction following the discussion of the events unfolding in France.

Чарльз Джеймс Фокс и дискуссии в британском парламенте в отношении начального периода Французской революции

Статья посвящена рассмотрению позиции известного британского политика, лидера «партии» вигов – Чарльза Джеймса Фокса, по отношению к Французской революции. Начавшийся в 1789 году мятеж «по ту сторону Ла-Манша» кардинально изменил не только европейскую международную обстановку, но и привел к конфликтам среди английских элит. В работе анализируется раскол в группировке вигов, произошедший в ходе спора Чарльза Джеймса Фокса и Эдмунда Берка относительно Французской революции и ее последствий для британской политики.

I. A. Fessler about the French Revolution: French «Lessons» of German Conservatism

This article is the analysis of the views of German philosopher IA Fessler on the French Revolution. The author analyzes the assessments which Fessler gives to the goals of the revolution, the actions of the revolutionary parliaments, and to the role of the masses. On the example of Fessler, the attitude of conservative German-speaking intellectual elite to the French political experience is examined.

The Freemasons: Mystics, Enlighteners, Revolutionaries

The focus of the author are the events of the European Masonic movement in the XVII – XVIIIth centuries. Analysis of sources helped to illuminate the causes the course of the reform of “old masonry” in Britain in the Modern history. It is shown that the change agents were the intellectuals, members of the Royal Society. Their aim was wide-ranging reforms society in the spirit of the concepts of the Enlightenment. As the author proves, new Grand Lodge actively exported their practices to Europe and North American colonies.

The Catholic Church and the colonial policy of France during the Revolutionary period of the late XVIII Century

The article examines the problem of the ideological and policy influence of the Church on colonial politics and the establishment of equality during the 1789 Revolution, based on the material of the Parliamentary Archives, memoirs of contemporaries and an extensive body of scientific literature.

Book review: Troitsky N. A. Napoleon the Great

The two-volume biography of Napoleon, written by the famous Saratov historian N. A. Troitsky, will undoubtedly attract the attention of readers. They will be able to appreciate its thoughtful structure, impressive completeness, lively and imaginative language, polemical sharpness of some conclusions. The reviewer also draws attention to many errors involved by the author’s insufficient acquaintance with the history and culture of Western countries, the topical issues of research on the history of the French Revolution.