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The Voivode of Saratov Grigory Ivanovich Feofilatyev (1634–1637)

In article unknown pages of history of the left bank of Saratov are considered. They are associated with staying in the city voivode Grigory Ivanovich Feofilatev. For the first time detailed biography of this figure of the Time of Troubles is presented. He participated in the revolt of Bolotnikov, and then has come over to the side of Lzhedmitrij II. The author traces future destiny of this man, who in the reign of Michael Romanov was a voivode in Alatyr, Kasimov, Surgut, and ambassador to Persia.

Some Traces of the Classical Tradition in the Culture of the Russian Provinces in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century: Ivan F. Sinaisky as a Hellenist in Saratov

The article gives the most important examples of classicism in the culture of Saratov province namely in architecture and education. The author focuses his attention on the activities of Ivan F. Sinaisky (1799–1870) as a teacher in Greek both in Gymnasium and in Orthodox Theological Seminary in Saratov. Works translated by I. Sinaisky from Greek, his manuals and dictionaries for those who learned Greek, as well as his articles on Greek and Greek authors are being considered in the context of Russian and European classicism.

Unknown pages of the Saratov’s left bank

The article deals with the unknown pages of the history of the left bank of Saratov, related with staying in this city many well-known secular and church leaders in the XVII century. First time given the chronology of events that took place in this city.

Professional Daily Scientific and Pedagogical Workers of Saratov in the 1920s

The article deals with the issues of professional everyday life of employees of Saratov institutions of higher education in 1920 years, engaged in teaching and research. The author describes political, social and economic factors, educational process reforms’ directions which influenced the content and nature of the higher school teachers’ work at that time. 

Left Bank Saratov in the 1666

The article deals with the unknown pages of history of the Saratov’s left bank, associated with staying of the Eastern Patriarchs Paisius and Macarius in this city. Analyzed in detail the route of the patriarchs by the Volga from Astrakhan to Simbirsk in summer 1666. At this time the city of Saratov was in the focus of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

The founder of Tomsk Gavrila Ivanovich and the unknown governor of Saratov Yakov Gavrilovich Pisemsky: Biography pages

The article for the first time presents the biography of the previously unknown governor of Saratov Yakov Gavrilovich Pisemsky, as well as his father, Gavrila Ivanovich,the founder ofthe city of Tomsk. Yakov Pisemsky began his service as an elected nobleman in Tula, then became a Moscow tenant, for some time he was the steward of Patriarch Filaret, and from March 1628 until the end of his life – a Moscow nobleman. Service as governor in Saratov in 1642–43 was the last step in his life.

The impact of the “Gorky” method of housing construction on large Soviet city space development in the second half of the 1950s (On the example of Saratov)

The article analyzesthe implementation ofthe practice of housing construction bythe “Gorky”method in Saratov duringthe Khrushchev housing reform. It is concluded that housing construction using this method was a temporary measure to mitigate the housing crisis that existed then in the USSR and in Saratov in particular.

Voevoda Alexey Panteleevich Chirikov: Pages of biography

The article for the first time presents a detailed biography of the governor of Saratov, Alexei Panteleevich Chirikov. In his youth, this serviceman from his homeland became the steward of Patriarch Filaret, then a solicitor, and then the tsar’s steward. After serving in Saratov, he participated in the campaign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich to Riga, was a voivode in Glukhov and Pereyaslavl Yuzhny. 

Voivode Stepan Vasil’evich Chemesov – Saratov fortress builder (1630–1631)

In the article are the unknown aspects of the left bank of Saratov associated with being in this city voivode Stepan Vasil’evich Chemesov and building of a new fortress. First is a detailed biography of this figure of the Time of Troubles, which participated in the Volok’s defense from the Poles, in the fighting near Tikhvin and Putivl. Author traces the further destiny of this man, who in 1630 led the building of a new Saratov fortress


The article describes the unknown pages of the early history of Saratov. First names of some of the voivodes of the city are given