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A new French source about Russia in the eighteenth century in the genre of historical anecdote

A review of the book by S. A. Mezin and the publication of an interesting historical source written in 1757 by Chevalier d’Eon, a diplomat and adventurer is presented. The manuscript “Secret Anecdotes about the Court of the All-Russian Empress” is published for the first time both in French and in Russian. In the peer-reviewed book the source characteristic and the analysis of the manuscript, scientific comments, the detailed essay on French studies of Russia in 1725–1762 were qualitatively made.

The Materials of the G.M. Lowitz and P.B. Inokhodtsev’s Scientific Expedition (1769–1774) as the Sources on the History of the Low Volga Region

The activity of the G.M. Lowitz and P.B. Inokhodtsev’s scientific expedition of the 1769–1774 is analyzed in the article. The article gives the review of the preserved expedition’s materials that are of interest as the sources on the history of the Low Volga Region.

Commercial Relations of Settlement Beregovoy 4 (on Materials of Ceramic Containers)

In article economic relations of the Settlement Beregovoy 4 located on Fontalovsky peninsula in Temruk area of Krasnodar region are considered. The analysis of a mass archaeological material with application of methods of mathematical statistics has allowed to reconstruct dynamics of import of the goods from the different industrial centres from the end VI to the middle of III century BC.

The Manuscript Heritage by the Bishop of Saratov and Tsaritsin Eparchy Jacob (Vecherkov) in the Russian Archives

The article gives the review of the manuscript heritage by the bishop of the Saratov and Tsaritsin eparchy Jacob (Vecherkov) which are kept in some Russian central and regional archives. The criticism of his scientific works and letters is undertaken. The future of investigations of his heritage, church, social and scientific activities is demonstrated. 

The main statistical sources for studying the development of the Russian cities in the XIX century

The article deals with the statistical publications of the XIX century, which contain data on Russian cities. The author presents the most important stages of the state statistics formation in Russia in the context of collecting data on urban settlements. The content of the statistical sources issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs is analyzed in detail, specific characteristics and disadvantages of each of these publications are pointed out.