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Отечественная и региональная история

The Material and Living Conditions Problems of NKVD– MVD Camps in Western Siberia and their Solutions

In this article discusses the basic material and conditioners problems of NKVD–MVD camps in Western Siberia and their solutions in World War II and the postwar period and their influence on the dynamics of the employment fund war prisoners and interned civilians in the Western Siberian region. The author concludes that the unresolved these issues were result of increased health losses, reduced labor fund, low profitability of the camps.

Repressive Policy of the Soviet State and Destiny of Prisoners of War of Red Army – Participants of the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939–1940

In the article it is proved that in the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939– 1940 the state and political management of the USSR tried to write off failures on the Soviet prisoners of war who have appeared in Finnish to captivity. The relation of the state and its high-ranking officials to the military personnel, got to the Finnish captivity, was characterized by antihumanity, monstrous neglect to human life, absence of desire objectively to understand each fact of capture of the Soviet serviceman, his behavior in captivity.

Social Policy of Committee of Members of the Constituent Assembly (1918)

In article the main directions of social policy of Committee of members of the Constituent assembly, attempt of the solution of working and country questions in the conditions of Civil war in Russia are considered, the conflict reasons between the people and the power are analyzed.

Theory Cooperation Socialism in the United States, West and Russia at the XIX and the Beginning XX Centuries

In this article the author examine the problem of regional aspects of «cooperation socialism» theory transformation in the United States, the West, the Russia at the of XIX and the beginning of XX century and conclude that the present teachings becam the foundation of transformations of capitalism in the socialism.

Preparation of Zemstvo Reform: P. A. Valuev’s Projects (March–July, 1862)

The paper considers the history of the appearance of the Fundamental Beginnings of the zemstvo reforms of July2, 1862. Basing on the analysis of the archive and published sources it is proved that P. V. Valuev viewed zemstvo reform as part and parcel of the project of “Governmental Constitutionalism”.