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Отечественная и региональная история

«Смотрители» в системе самоуправления Нахичеванской армянской коло-нии на Дону (1779-1870 гг.).

Смотрители были учреждены в 1779 г. как «заступники» переселенцев. В Нахичевани они упоминаются лишь в 1784 г. (в 1782-1783 гг. – городничий). Назначенные заново магистратом в 1837 г. два смотрителя (урядника) функционировали до 1844 г., их функции были переданы обратно заседателям магистра-та. Штатами 1780 г. в селениях были утверждены четыре смотрителя. Они, как нижние полицейские чины, действующие по «Инструкции», полученной от магистрата, просуществовали до реформ 1860-х годов.

Антисемитская риторика иеромонаха Илиодора (Труфанова) как отражение кризиса Русской Православной Церкви в начале ХХ века

Статья посвящена анализу антисемиткой риторики иеромонаха Илиодора (Труфанова) как одного из скандальных церковных деятелей Российской империи начала XX в. В контексте синодального кризиса рассматривается процесс политизации РПЦ, путем превращения ее в инструмент обслуживания национальной идеологии. Маркером кризиса церковной и всей государственной системы стал еврейский вопрос, раскрывающий причины упадка синодальной системы и политизации духовенства. Взгляды иеромонаха Илиодора – яркое тому подтверждение.

The Models of Social Activity in Russia in 1917–1920

In this article the main directions of social преобразований in Russia since 1917 to 1920 was analyzed. The author has given main attention of the Public commissary of social provision. Materials on the data of the Russian legal and some publications were prepared.

From the History of Higher Female Education in the Russian Empire in the Second Half of 19th – the Beginning of 20th Century (in Kazan Educational District)

In the article the author considers the history of higher female education coming-to-be in the Russian Empire, basing on the example of higher educational institutions, established in Saratov in 1909–1915. The professional status evolution of the women who got higher education in the second half of 19th-the beginning of 20th centuries is presented in the historic retrospect: from the first doctors of Saratov guberniya to the first scientific staff of Saratov university.

The Voivode of Saratov Grigory Ivanovich Feofilatyev (1634–1637)

In article unknown pages of history of the left bank of Saratov are considered. They are associated with staying in the city voivode Grigory Ivanovich Feofilatev. For the first time detailed biography of this figure of the Time of Troubles is presented. He participated in the revolt of Bolotnikov, and then has come over to the side of Lzhedmitrij II. The author traces future destiny of this man, who in the reign of Michael Romanov was a voivode in Alatyr, Kasimov, Surgut, and ambassador to Persia.

Smolensk 1632–1634 War Seversky Campaign in the Documents of Russian State Archive of Ancient Documents

Of the sources in this article provides a set of documents testifying to the events and hostilities on the Seversky Theatre Smolensk war years 1632–1634.

Pentagram on the Juchi’s Coins is the Connection between an Official Ideology and Common Magic

This article studies the usage of a pentagram in the monetary of the Golden Horde in XIII–XIV centuries. The role of a pentagram in the sacral and everyday spheres of life of the Golden Horde is studied in this article too.

Commercial Relations of Settlement Beregovoy 4 (on Materials of Ceramic Containers)

In article economic relations of the Settlement Beregovoy 4 located on Fontalovsky peninsula in Temruk area of Krasnodar region are considered. The analysis of a mass archaeological material with application of methods of mathematical statistics has allowed to reconstruct dynamics of import of the goods from the different industrial centres from the end VI to the middle of III century BC.

Neolithization process in Euro-Asian Area Abstract

The process of neolithization and introduction of producing forms of economics did not take place in different parts of Euro-Asia simultaneously. South Asia and South-East Asia zones are considered to be first in the selection and domestication of animals.In the Northern part of the Caspian Sea area the neolithization took place on the basis of intensification and specialization of appropriating forms of activities.

Collaboration in the North Caucasus: Historical Truth or Historical Myth?

The problem of correlation between historical science and State power, between historical fact and historical myth, is analysed in the article on the investigation example of nonsimple ethno-political situation in Northern Caucasus during the Great Patriotic War. The possibility of consigning to oblivion “annoying” historical facts for the sake of momentary political benefit is rejected. The point of the necessity of the synergetic approach to an analysis of any historical phenomena is proved in the article.