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The place of Samuel Johnson in the spiritual life of British society in the second half of the 18th century

The review is devoted to the analysis of the monograph, which examines the place and role of the educator S. Johnson in the spiritual life of British society in the second half of the 18th century. The reviewer shows that the author of the monograph was able to convincingly prove that the intellectual heritage of the compiler of the “Dictionary of the English Language”, a moralist and literary critic, most fully reflected the trend towards self-identification that dominated contemporary English culture.

The Trial in Parliament over the Duke of Marlborough: Verity or Falsification?

The article examines the judicial process in the British Parliament over John, the Duke of Marlborough, accused of embezzlement of funds and assignment of invested significant sums. The author suggests that Tory Parliament sought to justify Marlborough’s denial of all his command posts and his dismissal of high politics. In this sense, charges of the Duke were largely falsified.

Theatre and Political Life in England of the Restoration Period (A. Ben «The Roundheads, or The Good Old Cause»)

The article investigates the place of drama in the political life of England of the Stuart Restoration period. Analyzing the play by A. Ben The Roundheads, or The Good Old Cause it evaluates ideas that affected theatre audience of the stated above period. 

«The Pamphlet War» and the Adoption of the Great Reform Act of 1832 in Great Britain

The Great reform Act (election law) of 1832 was one of the most significant internal political events in the United Kingdom of the 19th century. It initiated the group of serious transformations of the parliamentary system of the State. The article is based on the analysis of documentary sources (press and parliamentary debate). It shows the influence of British public opinion and the press on the process of the adoption of the parliamentary reform in 1830–1832. The struggle for reform showed the extreme polarization of political forces in the UK.