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Time of Troubles

Governor of Saratov Vasily Vasilyevich Neledinsky (1655–1657)

The article for the first time presents a detailed biography of the governor of Saratov, Vasily Vasilyevich Neledinsky. This serviceman from the fatherland in his youth became a tenant at the court of Mikhail Romanov, and after 20 years he was transferred to the Moscow nobles. He received his first voivodship appointment in the Ket prison in Siberia, then participated in the suppression ofthe uprising in Novgorod and Pskov, and served as governor in Rylsk.

Personalities of The Time of Troubles: Semeon Gavrilovich Korobyin

In article unknown pages of history of struggle between Russia, Poland and Sweden in the Time of Troubles are considered. For the first time voivode and diplomat Semeon Gavrilovich Korobyin’s detailed biography is presented. He participated in the revolt of Bolotnikov, and then has come over to the side of Vasily Shuisky, battled against Lzhedmitrij II, released Moscow from Poles in 1611–1612.

The Voivode of Saratov Grigory Ivanovich Feofilatyev (1634–1637)

In article unknown pages of history of the left bank of Saratov are considered. They are associated with staying in the city voivode Grigory Ivanovich Feofilatev. For the first time detailed biography of this figure of the Time of Troubles is presented. He participated in the revolt of Bolotnikov, and then has come over to the side of Lzhedmitrij II. The author traces future destiny of this man, who in the reign of Michael Romanov was a voivode in Alatyr, Kasimov, Surgut, and ambassador to Persia.

Review of: Kabanov A. Yu., Rabinovich Ya. N. “Straight lines” and “curves” of the Time of Troubles in Russia. Moscow, Quadriga Publ., 2022. 508 p. (in Russian).

The review is devoted to a new study of the events of the Time of Troubles in the history of the Russian state at the beginning of the 17th century. The study was carried out within the framework of the historical and anthropological approach. The authors of the book focus on the biographies of historical figures that have not previously been the subject of special study. The book contains 13 biographical essays on 15 direct participants in the events of the Time of Troubles.

The towns of Low Volga Region during the Interregnum (1610–1613)

This article is devoted to the history of the towns of Lower and Middle Volga in the Time of Troubles during the Interregnum. The author investigates consequences from suppression of riots in the cities of the Volga region during the reign of Basil Shuisky, participation military men from Ponizova Volga in the organization of the First and Second militias

On the Nature of the Administrative Practice of Novgorod the Great during the Period of Jacob de la Gardie’s Governorship (based on the Archive of St. Petersburg Institute of History of Russian Academy of Science)

This article deals with the Swedish presence in Novgorod in 1611–1617, headed by Jacob de la Gardie. The administrative practice of that period is studied in detail. On account of the documents, it became possible to define the national and social structure of the official bodies, assignment procedure and the main principles of paperwork management. For this reason, an analysis of peculiarities and functions of the Novgorod ad- ministration was carried out.

Book review: Rabinovich Yа. N. Southern Pskov settlements in the Time of Troubles

The book about the settlements of the south of the Pskov region in the Time of Troubles was written by a well-known specialist in the history of Russia of the XVII century Ya. N. Rabinovich. It will arouse great interest among researchers and a wide range of readers. The book recreates a complete system picture of the events of the Time of Troubles in the south of the Pskov land. This advantage of the book is determined by the involvement of new material from historical sources, new factography and its conceptual understanding. The study of Ya. N.

Boris Vladimirovich Lodygin, a governor of Saratov (1591–1593)

The article discusses unknown pages in the history of the original Saratov, associated with the stay in this city of the voivode Boris Vladimirovich Lodygin. For the first time, a detailed biography of this serviceman is presented, who, before his appointment to Saratov, as a governor in Kozelsk, participated in the defense of the southern borders of Russia, and then in the RussianSwedish war and the assault on Narva.The author traces the further fate of B. V. Lodygin, who after Saratov served in Putivl and in the Monastyrevsky prison.