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Russian language

The phenomenon of the multinational Soviet Union: Based on the results of the international scientific conference

The information about the International Scientific Conference “The Phenomenon of the Multinational Soviet Union: History, heritage and social memory” held on October 14–15, 2022 is presented. The participants discussed a wide range of theoretical and methodological, historical, economic, philosophical, legal, cultural, linguistic problems of education, formation, disintegration of a single state and its consequences.

N. V. Orloff and the Beginning of Teaching of the Russian Language at King’s College London

The article restores the biography of N. V. Orloff (1844–1915), a psalmist of the Church in the name of the Assumption of the Mother of God at the Russian Embassy in London, which, in addition to his official duties and translation activities, was involved in the process of establishing Russian studies in Great Britain in the late XIXth – early XXth centuries.