The Modern Stage of the History of Inter-Regional Russian-Chinese Cooperation in the Conditions of Regionalization

The article is devoted to the analysis of modern processes of interregional cooperation in the Far East in the context of regionalization. The analysis was based on Russian-Chinese interregional interaction. Based on the theory of new regionalism, the contemporary role of regions in the 21st century was determined. The Russian foreign policy strategy “Turn to the East”, outlined in 2014, has established new prospects for interaction between Russian and Chinese regions in the Far East.

Domestic Regions and Nation-States: Cooperation or Rivalry?

The article is devoted to international aspects of interaction between domestic regions and national states. In the course of the research the author considers a number of foreign models of interaction between the state and domestic regions, compares them with the Russian experience, shows the negative impact of globalization process both on nation-states and domestic regions. The aim of the article is to show how the model of interaction between the state and regions is changing under the influence of external factors.