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Ottoman Empire

The Theoretical Bases of the «Mohammedan Renaissance» in the British India in Last Third of XIX Century

This article contains the brief analysis of the theoretical bases of «Mohammedans Renaissance» in the British India in the last third of XIX century. The author analyzes the publications of W. S. Blunt, W. H. Gregory, M. R. Ahmad, Khawji Ghulam-us-Saqlain on this problem. The author is of the opinion that the British politics and Mohammedan intellectuals created the effective model of modernization of Mohammedan community in British India. 

The International aspect of Circassian Involvement to the Young Turk movement in the 19th century

The author traces the role of North Caucasian emigrants (Circassians) in the Young Turk movement. For a long time, since the 19th century, Circassian question have maintained high political importance on the international agenda, turning Circassians and their projected North Caucasian state into a proto-subject of international relations. The main support for such subjectivisation was provided by Great Britain, but uptothe end ofthe 19th century Circassian issues had lost much of its importance for the British Empire.

The Ideas about Russian-turkish Rapprochement in the Views and Correspondence between I. Gasprinskiy and M. O. Menshikov

In the present paper we analyze the correspondence in 1908 between two prominent Russian publicists at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries Ismail Gasprinsky and Mikhail Menshikov in the context of intensification of the military and political crisis in Europe and the unresolved «Eastern question». Furthermore, we compare their views on the necessity to form a Russian-Turkish political union.

The Role of Salman Reis in the Ottoman Conquests in the Red Sea Area

The article is devoted to the Ottoman naval commander Salman Reis who took part in several expeditions of the Mamluk Sultanate against Portugal. It is shown that in 1525, after an inspection of the fleet in Jeddah, he prepared a report on the political and economic situation in the Red Sea area and the Indian ocean. The Ottoman authorities used this report as a program for the expansion of the Empire in the region.