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The Role of R. R. Rosen at Russo-Japanese Negotiations about Korean and Manchurian Question

The article focuses on the Russian minister to Japan R. R. Rosen’s role at the negotiations that preceded the war of 1904 – 1905. Because of quite long stay at the diplomatic service in Japan, he could study Japanese interests in East Asia and the attitude of the Japanese society to the Russian Empire claims to the control over Manchuria and Korea thoroughly.

Crises of the 1930s in the estimates of U.S. society

The article describes reaction of U.S. society to the crisis moments of international Affairs 1931–1939. U.S. media estimates analyzed the Germany's aggression in Europe and Japanese aggression in Asiа

Socio-Economic, Political, Cultural and Religious Development of Japan at the Turn of the 6th–7th Centuries by the Shōtoku Constitution

The paper focuses on the article-by-article analysis of the Shōtoku Constitution, where information about the political system, social structure, cultural and religious climate in Japan at the turn of the 6th-7th centuries is presented. The author pays attention to borrowing from Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, which is included in the document.