Geoffrey Chaucer’s Vicious Aristocracy and Virtuous Workers

Geoffrey Chaucer is a representative of an early English humanistic literature, who in his «The Canterbury tales» managed to show the whole panorama of social life in England of the XIV century. His short stories reflect the epochal change, the formation of new values and a new elite. Chaucer notes the degradation of the secular and spiritual aristocracy, welcomes the enrichment and strengthening of the third estate, connects it with the future of their country, admires workers-peasants that preserved the moral purity of the «corrupt age» of the poet.

Historical Culture of Early English Antiquaries

In the article, based on the material of “A Description of Elizabethan England” by W. Harrison and «Britain» by W. Camden, an attempt to explore ways of reflection of the historical past of the early English Antiquaries, which set the foundation of the «secularization of historiography» and a rational interpretation of historical experience, is made.