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Economic relations between Saratov and Ufa at the turn of the XIX–XX centuries (forest bargaining)

The article shows one of the main directions in economic contacts between Saratov and Ufa – timber trade in the second half of the XIX – early XX centuries. The main source was the reporting of the Ufa branch of the Volga-Kama Commercial Bank, one of the largest private banks of the Russian Empire, whose branches opened in Saratov in 1871, and in Ufa in 1873. The main feature of the Ufa forest trade in Saratov was the use of promissory notes due to the need to quickly sell goods before the end of navigation.

Financial bodies on the eve of the siege of Leningrad (June 22 - September 8, 1941)

In the article on the basis of archival documents can be traced activities of financial bodies of Leningrad in the period from the beginning of the great Patriotic war to the siege of Leningrad.

William de la Pole: the Story of the Fall and Success of “Favorite Merchant” of Edward III

The article is dedicated to William de la Pole, an English financier and merchant of the 14th century. The results of the analysis of narrative, documentary sources, as well as modern scientific literature are presented. Activities of W. de la Pole is shown against the background of the socio-economic and political history of England. The characteristic of the early activities of the merchant, his role as a Royal financier and participation and participation in solving the financial and economic problems of the state during the Hundred Years’ War is given.

Fiscal Policy of the Saratov Zemstvo (1864–1914)

The article presents a characteristic of the most important sphere in financial activity of the Saratov Zemstvo – fiscal policy. In particular, it analyses the tax system of zemstvo self-government bodies in the Saratov province, the forms of zemstvo dues, and objects of taxation. Special emphasis is laid on a study of growth trends in the budget revenue, and a simultaneous increase in tax arrears, which significantly reduced the efficiency of the zemstvo work.

Financial policy of Saratov zemstvo: Expenditure and budgetary deficit

The article presents the characteristics of the most important part of the financial policy of the zemstvo self-government bodies in Saratov province - administration of the expenditure budget. Particular attention is paid to the types of expenses aimed at fulfilling the compulsory and optional duties of the zemstvo. An important place in the publication is occupied by the problem of budget deficit and credit policy of zemstvo institutions in 1866-1917.