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British Zenana missions of the XIX century and their projects for the liberation of Indian women

The article studies the goals, objectives, directions of work of the British zenana missions in the XIX th century based on the analysis of reports and articles in missionary magazines. It is shown that the creation of organizations was caused by the desire to help the disenfranchised women of India. Women missionaries sought to mitigate the social exclusion of Indian women, opposed cruel customs, slavery and humiliation of women, provided them with educational and medical services.

Emigration of British minors to Canada: Reasons for resettlement from Great Britain

The article examines the circumstances of emigration of children from Great Britain in the XIX–ХХ centuries based on the material of the sources. It is proved that the resettlement was caused by the pauperization of the urban population in the conditions of industrialization. In Canada, minors could be adopted or work on farms, as servants, receiving maintenance and wages. The children had to go to school. It was a prerequisite.

The research of family structure of German settlements on the Volga River in the middle of XIX-th century: based on "Gnilushka" colony (Pfeifer)

The article is devoted to the research of family structure of German settlements in the Volga Region in the middle of XIX-th century, based on the analisys of "Gnilushka" colony in the Kamyshin district of Saratov province. Family structure model of the colony is being studied by the enumeration lists from the point of view of demographic analysis and J. Handzhnal's theory of existence of a unique European-type marriage.

Economic development of german Сolonies on the Volga river in the second half of the 18th – the first half of the 19th centuries

This article deals with the first stages of formation of German colonies on the Volga river in the second half of the 18th – the first half of the 19th centuries. The colonization policy of the government consisted of the whole system of well-thought means and decrees that tended to spread on all sides of internal life of colonists.