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The Statement of the British Administration in Quebec and the Problem of Adaptation of the Traditional Colonial Policy (the Middle of 1760th)

Article is devoted to studying of policy of Great Britain in Quebec in the first years after the termination of Seven-year war. The author has concentrated his attention on researching of factors of its formation: the governmental course, policy of governor-generals, the conflict of interests of English merchants and the French community. The special attention is given to a problem of formation of administration political course on the basis of struggle of «old» and «new» social groups.

A friend among foes, a foe among friends: Ascari, Amedeo Guillet and the formation of Eritrean identity in the context of Italian colonialism in the late nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries

The article draws attention to the extraordinary, by African standards, respect in Eritrea for the soldiers of the Italian colonial troops, the Ascari, and even for some of their Italian officers, such as Amedeo Guillet. The author reveals the reason for this respect, which was not present in another former Italian colony Libya.