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The factor of the Canarian archipelago in the contexts of pacification Francoist Spain and hegemonic competition (1940–1942)

This article is devoted to highlighting the international problems of the initial period of World War II that arose around the status of Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. Spain maintained military-political neutrality in the war. The countries participating in the armed conflict (USA, Great Britain, Nazi Germany) tried to use the territories belonging to Spain to their advantage. In 1941–1942 the British leadership developed several options for subordinating the Canary Islands to the UK. The article deals with operations Bugler, Chatney, Puma and Pilgrim.

The Iranian Factor of Anglo-Soviet Conciliation after Nazi Aggression against the Soviet Union (June – July, 1941)

The hypothesis is justified in the article thatidentity of positions on situation in Iran after Nazi aggression against USSR have predetermined rather rapid overcoming of mutual distrust between USSR and Great Britain and conclusion of an agreement on joint actions in the war against Germany.

The Iranian Plot. Re-reading I.M. Maisky heritage

In this article, I.M. Maisky’s involvement in the elaboration of a joint USSR and Great Britain position concerning Iran in the summer of 1941 is considered, based on his memoirs, diaries and correspondence.