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The International aspect of Circassian Involvement to the Young Turk movement in the 19th century

The author traces the role of North Caucasian emigrants (Circassians) in the Young Turk movement. For a long time, since the 19th century, Circassian question have maintained high political importance on the international agenda, turning Circassians and their projected North Caucasian state into a proto-subject of international relations. The main support for such subjectivisation was provided by Great Britain, but uptothe end ofthe 19th century Circassian issues had lost much of its importance for the British Empire.

The timeline of Sultan Khan-Girey, the Adyghe enlightener and public figure

Historical and biographic studies are gaining relevance in national historiography. In this article, the timeline of the Adyghe enlightener and public figure Sultan Khan-Girey is traced, and also his public and publicistic activity is revealed. The progressive views of the enlightener are asserted on the basis of the carried-out analysis.