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The “coin propaganda” in the Late Roman Republic

The article is devoted to the issue of the directions of the "coin propaganda" in the Late Roman Republic and the estimation of its effectiveness. The author concludes that the images and legends of the coins changed in accordance with any turns of the Roman Republic leaders’ policy. This means that the coins served not only financial, but also certain ideological purposes.

Anthony before Cleopatra: Some Remarks about the Political Role of M. Antonius before 41 BC

The article examines the political role of Mark Antony before he became one of the leaders who fought for power in the Roman Republic. It is stressed that he came from a family that did not have any political influence or connections, a family whose members were involved in a number of scandals. Until the death of Caesar Anthony was only the performer of his orders. After the death of Caesar, he became one of the leaders of the Caesarians, but he had no other support than the army.