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Kabytov Petr S.

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профессор заведующий кафедрой российской истории

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Kabytov P. S., Kabytova N. N. A new study on the history of the Russian peasantry during the Civil War
Kabytov P. S., Kabytova N. N., Barinova E. P. Семейные истории о Великой Отечественной войне: специфика исторических источников
Kabytov P. S., Barinova E. P. New Research about Educational Activity ScientistsAgrarians
Kabytov P. S., Barinova E. P. The Imperial Politics of Acculturation: the Historical Experience
Kabytov P. S. Рецензия на книгу: Лёвин С. В. Становление и развитие земской статистики в Поволжье
Kabytov P. S. Regional Refraction of Modern Approaches to the study of the History of Public Education in Russia
Kabytov P. S. Siberian Period in V. G. Tyukavkin’s Scientific Activity
Kabytov P. S. The latest researches on history of grain trade of the end of XIX-of the beginning of the XX centuries in South Ural
Kabytov P. S., Protasova A. V. Religious practicesof the clergyin the discourseof theimplementationof anti-religious policyin themid-1920s (basedon thematerials of the Samara Province)