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Гражданская война в России

Аctivities of the Military council of the Atkarsk-Rtishchevo fortification area in July – August 1919

The article examines a little-known episode of the Civil War – the activities of the Military Council of the Atkarsk-Rtishchevo fortified region from the moment the fortified area was created on July 19, 1919, until it was disbanded on August 8, 1919. The activities of the Military Council contributed to the repulse of the attack of the Caucasian Army of the Armed Forces of the South of Russia on Saratov. 

The periodization of formation of Russian Red Army in the works of its founder

The focused on the periodization of the Soviet military construction during the Civil War at an early stage of its development in the first post-war decade


This article is devoted to the problems of organization activities of first commander of chief of west front civil war M. A. Muraviev to creation a regular army forces.

Garrison units of Kazan military district in fight for Soviet ascention to power

Article focused on participation of military units from Kazan-region  military reserve, deployed for protection of Soviet power in the Volga and Ural regions

Problem of Keeping Military Munitions after the Forced Liquidation of the Old Russia’s Army in 1918

Examining the example of the Volga Garrisons, the article focuses on a pressing problem of keeping the military munitions after the forced liquidation of the old Russia’s Army.

The Famine and the Mennonite village of the Volga region in the 1920s

The article deals with the history of the Mennonite village life in the Volga Region at the beginning of the XX century, as seen through the prism of the first years of the Soviet power and the Volga region famine of 1921. This article is based on archival documents and historical sources of personal origin – diaries, letters, memoirs, etc.