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The “Evil Years” after the death of King Przemysl Ottokar II in Bohemia and the regency of Otto of Brandenburg (1278–1283)

This article covers the political events that took place in the Czech Kingdom in the period from 1278 to 1283, which is known as the “Evil Years” by the national historical science of the Czech Republic. The main topic of this study is the difficult accession to the throne of Wenceslas II, due to his early childhood, who became a victim of political intrigues of both his own courtiers and external forces.

Assistance from Podillya to the victims of starvation in 1921–1923 in Povolzhie

The article is focusing on Soviet authority measures on establishing of the committees’ network on assistance to the victims of starvation in 1921-1923 on Podillya. There is analyzed propaganda and organizational activity of on mobilization of people for collecting of products and money. The article investigates practice of introduction and penalties of “hungry” rations from unemployed population in cities and small cities, reaction of their citizens and authority’s actions. 

Crime in Saratov during the New Economic Policy

Crime during the new economic policy as a social-legal phenomenon, tendencies of its development, quantitative and qualitative characteristics are analyzed in the article. It is shown that in the first half of the 1920s violent actions such as banditry and crime committed against the person dominated.

On the verge of the survival: youth in conditions social and economic crisis of the 1930th.

In article the vital world of the young man through a prism of a food allowance, medical care, child mortality and social policy of the state is considered. The special attention is paid to studying of current situation in the country in the conditions of crisis of supply of 1939-1941. For deeper understanding of sociocultural processes of the 1930th the phenomenon of the young man taking into account his mental and behavioural characteristics is considered

Голод 1868 года в северных губерниях России и общественная критика либеральных реформ

Статья посвящена малоизвестному эпизоду в истории пореформенной России, вызвавшему определенный общественный резонанс. Голод в Архангельской и Новгородской губерниях в 1868 г.
был первым масштабным локальным голодным бедствием после
1861 г. Автор статьи приходит к выводу, что голод стал одним
из социальных факторов, повлиявших на начавшийся процесс
переосмысления опыта либеральных реформ, и, прежде всего,
отмены крепостного права. В статье рассматривается реакция