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The Creation of the Image of the Enemy in Propaganda of the Countries of Entente at the beginning of the First World War (August–December 1914)

The article focuses on the comparative analysis of the image of the enemy in propaganda of the countries of Entente at the beginning of the First World War. On the basis of the wide range of primary sources the key elements of this image, certain stages in its development, its common and distinguishing features in each of the countries of Entente are examined.


The article analyses the maintenance of neutrality by Spain as well as its partners belonging to opposing sides. The article touches upon the issues of alterations in the economic situation and consequences of the facilitation of Spanish international trade in WWI. The author focuses on the development of the country's foreign policy and the cases when Spain infracted the neutrality during 1914-1918

Британская империя и Сибирь в начале Гражданской войны в России

В статье рассматривается политика Британской империи в отношении Зауральской колонии России эпохи социально-политических катаклизмов 1917–1918 гг. Изучены причины притязаний на Сибирь правящих кругов Великобритании; выявлены внешние и внутренние противоречия при проведении политики интервенции, механизмы влияния на политические события в Сибирском регионе.