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Русско-турецкая война 1877–1878 гг.

Visual representation of Russia’s liberation war in the Balkans in the magazine graphics of the 1870s

The article is devoted to the visual representation of the foreign policy goals and national interests of Russia on the eve and during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877–1878. The author analyzes the historical context of graphics works in Russian illustrated magazines of the 1870s. The article reveals the historical and cultural features of the formation of the concept of Russia’s liberation war in the Balkans by means of magazine graphics.

The Balkans in Perception of Russian in Second Half XIX Century: Slavic Unity and Alienation

In the article the issue of a contradictory perception of Balkan Slavs by Russians in the second half of 19th century is considered. On the one hand, the idea of Slavic unity has become stable in Russia which was actively supported by many Russian social and political public figures. On the other hand, when directly contacted Russians and southern Slavs appeared to be alienated and far from mental solidarity.

Visual Images of War in the Works of V. D. Polenov

The article is devoted to the perception of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877–1878 by artists. Analyzing the visual images of war in the works of V. D. Polenov, the author considers the historical and cultural context of their formation and evolution. The article reveals the influence of public opinion, the contradiction of artistic trends, changes in the activity of the press. The author makes an attempt to determine the features of V. D. Polenov’s artistic understanding of the war in the Balkans and the peculiarity of his position among other artists.

Poetic Images of the Liberation War of Russia in the Balkans (on the Materials of Magazines of the 1870s «Niva» and «Pchela»)

The article is devoted to the figurative and artistic representation of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877–1878 on the pages of popular Russian magazines of the 1870s «Niva» and «Pchela». Analyzing the texts of poems published in periodicals,  the author examines the historical and cultural context of the formation and evolution of images of the liberation war of Russia in the Balkans. The author of the article analyzes the cultural and psychological components of the perception of the  “Slavic question” in Russian society in the 1870s.