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Governmental and Community Initiatives in Question of Regulation of Russian Censorship at the Beginning of the XIX Century

The article considers the initiatives of the Russian Emperor Alexander I and his Unofficial Committee in question of Censorship Reform. The article gives an account of the the community influence in question organization of the Censorial Statute of 1804. 

«Strangers in Parliament!»: the Procedural Incident of 1875 (from History of Political Culture of the Victorian England)

The article is devoted to history of periodicals in Great Britain in a context of evolution of democratic institutes of the British society. The problem is considered on an example of one of bright episodes of history of the British parliamentarism of 1875. Work is based on materials of the British parliament, the press, memoirs.

Interaction of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Press under the Ministry of A. P. Izvolsky

The article considers history of cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the press under the ministry of A. P. Izvolsky, based on materials of Archive of Russian Empire Foreign Policy, which has not previously been the object of a special historical research for the specified period of time. Key directions of work with the press are determined and characterized. Special attention is given to the organization of telegraph agency work, a primary source of information that newspapers based their publication materials on.