Izvestiya of Saratov University.
ISSN 1819-4907 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1913 (Online)

Александр I

Governmental and Community Initiatives in Question of Regulation of Russian Censorship at the Beginning of the XIX Century

The article considers the initiatives of the Russian Emperor Alexander I and his Unofficial Committee in question of Censorship Reform. The article gives an account of the the community influence in question organization of the Censorial Statute of 1804. 

Антинаполеоновская пропаганда союзников и кампания 1814 года

Военная кампания зимы 1814 г., как и предыдущие Наполеоновские войны, сопровождалась активной пропагандистской

Cavalry in the Alexander I’s Reign: Reception of the 18th Century Military Experience

The development of cavalry art in Russia is associated with the history of cavalry. We research one of the most significant periods in Russian military history – the Alexander I’s reign era (1801–1825), in the context of military discourse. A prominent role in this process played by the reception of military experience of the previous century is identified. The emphasis is on the three phases of cavalry modernization: 1801–1807, 1808–1814 and 1815–1825.