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революционный терроризм

The creation image of “Hero-Terrorist” in the trials of the socialist-revolutionaries in 1905

This article describes a creation the image of "the hero-terrorist" from the members of the Socialist Revolutionary party in litigation in 1905. The analysis of the influence of this image to the Russian culture. The author concludes that the historical doom of political terror and its groundlessness as a means of solving political problems.

Tatyana Leontyeva and «Mukden russian revolution»

The following article seeks to analyze the personality and activities of Tatyana Leontyeva, who represents a typical case essential for understanding the specifics of the phenomenon of female terrorism in Russia in the beginning of XX century. Within the scope of the analysis we shall examine the turning point in the history of the Socialist-Revolutionary Combat Organization, namely, the defeat of its St. Petersburg Committee in March 1905.

Fiction and Historical Truth in Boris Savinkov’s Memoirs

The article analyzes the literary creativity of one of the leaders of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, Boris Savinkov. The influence of creativity on the reliability of memoirs is investigated. From the standpoint of documentary facts, the objectivity of Savinkov’s memoirs as a historical source is considered. The author explores the reasons that prompted Savinkov to write memoirs. The author investigates the importance attached to the memoirs. The influence of memoirs on his contemporaries is investigated.